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prescribing provera for thick uterine lining

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i had ultrasound,and she(nurse practioner)said my uterine lining was thick,and could cause cancer. she prescribed provera to use for 10 days,and then said i would have heavy period,adn then they would do another ultrasound. shouldn't they do a biopsy or something now? i am 47,and they did test in march to see if i was menopausal and wasn't,but havent had much of periods,just light to spotting for about a year or so.

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I was given two shots of Depo-Provera to stop the heavy bleeding I was having. It sounds as though they want you to shed the lining so it can be examined better. I was very anemic from so much blood loss. I think what the nurse practitioner meant was that the lining was thick possibly because of cancer. But that's guessing-why don't you talk to her and ask her to clarify that for you? Are they planning on doing a color doppler ultrasound? A color ultrasound is a much better diagnostic tool than a regular black and white one. My ob/gyn did a "mini" biopsy in an office setting that uncovered my uterine cancer. It really wasn't too painful, and it meant I didn't go for a d&c, as was anticipated.

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