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Update on Ben

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I just wanted to give yet another update on Ben... He is once again in Hopkins.. He went for a follow up with Dr Gearhart Tues and she admitted him. He still was dealing with wound care issues from the surgery in May. he had emergency surgery Wed that removed most of his skin area from chest to groin for infection control and also did biospy of the area...He is now laid completely open and they are not closing him up...he will be in Hopkins for a few more days then sent to a rehab/nursing home for wound care for the next few weeks.
The battle continues

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I am so sorry for all the complications you are dealing with. I want to rec. a great book: Kitchen Table Wisdom. The author was a pediatrician and then became a cancer therapist. She also has inflammatory bowel disease and has a permanent ostomy... and had similar surgery that reopened and she had to have emergercy care and slowly heal up without closing the wound.

This book tells both her personal story, and stories of some of her patient's cancer stories. It is very uplifting and the chapters are short and easy to read.

Try it. Hang in there.

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Oh Teresa,
What an uphill battle for you both. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Judy

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Dear Teresa,

I'm so sorry for Ben's struggles. We are keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers.

Thinking of you,


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Teresa -

Keeping you and Ben and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

- SB

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Oh my Teresa! Jen and I are unable to imagine what poor Ben is going thru-not to mention how worried you must be. Please give Ben our love--better still, a "rainbow" is on the way over Teresa. Tell Ben to picture a rainbow in his mind--at the end of it is all our love and prayers!!!!!
luv n huggs--kanga n Jen

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'Battle' is the right word. We have all been through it to some exten but your recent problems deem more difficult than many of us have been through. However, it is a battle you can still win as so many on htis site have so keep keep up the good fight. Will be thinking of you both,

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