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having a colonoscopy Wednesday

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hey guys, hope everyone here is doing well.
My dad who is stage 3, is also doing very well, thank GOd, he just finished 4 of 12 chemo treatments and is God willing handling it remarkably well with minimal side effects. The biggest problem right now is that the wound is just not healing the way it should be and now the surgeon is talking about maybe having to take him into surgery to clean it out properly!!! That's a whole other story though.

I on the other hand am getting my first colonospy Wednesday as to the advice of both my daddy's surgeon and GI doctor. I am totally nervous about the procedure! I don't know what I'm more nervous about, the procedure, the results or the actual colonosopy suite. I work in a hospital, in fact the GI doctor who initially diagnosed my dad is a friend of mine, but now I can't stand to go up to that floor anymore. It unfortunatly brings back many painful memories of the day (July 7th) my daddy was diagnosed. I will never, ever ever ever forget that day. The last time I was up there to pay Dr. L a visit (my dad's GI doctor) I burst into tears at the very site of the place. My dad is actually wanting to go with me because he wants to also see Dr. L and to thank him for being so nice and comforting to him the day he was diagnosed. He hasn't seen him since that awful day. I asked my dad if he's comfortable going back there but he says he feels more than comfortable.

Anyway, I am just asking for everyone prayers
that everything turns out ok and that God gives me the strength to overcome my fears. Also can you guys also say a special prayer for my dad and that his wound please stops getting infected. I would hate for him to have to go back into surgery.

Have a great weekend all and God bless,


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I just had my colonoscopy last Friday, also at the advice of my Dad's Dr. It was a piece of cake. The prep the night before was awful though (as I'm sure you can imagine). For my prep I had to drink 64 oz of gatorade w/Miralax mixed in. I drank 32 oz and literally vomited up every ounce. I tried to finish the rest but couldn't. Apparently I kept enough enough in me to do the trick though. Then I find out from my Aunt that they can just give you pills if you don't think you can drink that much. That's what I'll do next time.

I was also nervous, about the procedure, the results, etc. I was awake for the whole thing so I felt some discomfort but nothing unbearable. They found one small polyp in the rectum which I am still waiting for biopsy results on. The Dr. said he is very sure that it is benign and has nothing to do with my father's cancer. Now I have peace of mind. For a long time after my Dad's diagnosis I was sure I had colon cancer too every time something was a little unusual. The Dr. said I don't have to come back for 5 years but I think I'll make it 3. With my Dad having stage IV at age 59 and my Mom having polyps found at her colonoscopy last month, I'm going to be more cautious.

Best of luck and Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine. I'll say a prayer for your father's healing. My Dad was having the same problem for awhile.


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From a dad who is also a Stage 3 survivor. Go in and get the procedure done and make dad feel better. Chances are really good you are fine and there is nothing better then when a dad hears his child is fine. It scared my son but knowing he is okay made me feel so much better.

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Hey Susanna,
Good luck to you. Like others, I found the prep to be the worst part, and this time (in 2 weeks) I'm doing the pills. I found it easier if I ate really lightly the day before the prep. If you are so nervous, maybe you should ask yur doc for a small dose of Ativan or something for anxiety for the night or so before.
I found that once they started the IV med with Versad, I felt great, and I was not aware of the whole proceedure.
You'll get through it; hang in there; good luck to you and to your dad. Judy

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Julia -

Like everyone says, the prep is the worst part of the procedure. I recommend mixing it with Margarita mix - seriously! The prep is really salty and the "rita mix helps counter it - it almost tastes "normal". Get the pills if you can, but try the Margarita mix if you can't.

The best cure for colon cancer is early detection and good surveillance. You're doing the right thing andtreating it the best way.

You GO!

- SpongeBob

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Julia-your fathers piece of mind will help him a lot-there is nothing worse than a father worrying-believe me--my daughter is going to do the colonoscopy too. Ditto with the prep!!! I agree with Judy. I have had 5 colonoscopies and each time I am much wiser--I eat very little even up to 48 hours before, certainly not "heavy foods". Mostly fruit or soups.
The procedure is a non-event. Most clinics sedate you to the extent you are awake and can answer the specialist but you don't remember a thing after youawaken. Only once have I known about what they were doing-and that was only briefly.The reason they don't knock you out completely is so the specialist can ask you how things feel etc.--most times you will remember nothing.
Oh--great your dad wants to go with you, his support will help you big time.
Don't worry sweetie--all will be fine.
huggs, kanga n Jen

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