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What comes next

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I was diagnosed 2 years ago with stage IV colorectal cancer. I had 8" of colon removed and 3 nodes. Followed by 6 mo. of chemo. Next it appeared in liver and I had a resection. Next it appeared in lungs so I've started chemo (oxaliplatin,xeloda and avastin). I understand that this will not cure me but may prolong my life. That is great but my question is what is likely to come next since they can only give me so much chemo. Is there anyone else in this situation? If so I am curious to find out what anyone else is doing at this stage.

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Hello There!!! My name is Sue and my husband Bob has Stage IV also. I don't know if this will help you as far as info goes. but Bob was on chemo for almost a year!!! The only reasone that he stopped is that he ran out of drugs to try. He hasn't given up we are in the process of trying to get into the experimental phases of treatments to try next. If you need to stay on chemo and if your body can handle it that is the best thing so that you can continue to use the drugs to beat this nightmare. I still have a hard time saying cancer. I don't know why but I deal with it.

You can beat this!!!! Keep a positve attitude and get mad at it!!! the good lord is the only one who knows what is going to happen!!!!

Best wishes and Prayers your way!!!!! Keep fighting!!!!


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Just a message to say Hi Rick--get well and truly agro with this beast mate--we are all here supporting you. I am only stage 2 Rick so can't help you with any further info but nonetheless wish you well. Sue and Bob are working to kick this demon's butt--as Sue said--you can beat this buddy!!!!
Our luv from OZ--kanga n Jen

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Rick, don't have any definitive answers for you questions but I personally know of two stage iv's who've been around for well over 8 years and are still doing darn good. What's next...only God has the answers but trust in him and his wisdom.


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