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Great Results For My Dad !!!

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Good Morning,

I hope this post find everyone well. I feel a bit guilty posting good news in light of the recent bad news we have all shared with regard to KrisS and Monika's mom. But I think we can all benefit from hearing something promising right now.

My Dad, stage IV colon cancer with mets to the the peritoneal and liver, got the results of his most recent PET and CT scans yesterday. The Dr. said "I don't use the word cured but rather remission" He said there was "No Evidence of Disease"!!! He did follow that statement up with letting us know that there is no way to know, from scans alone, if there are microscopic cancer cells in there somewhere. However, the 2 spots on his liver in August are completely gone, the spots on his peritoneal are not showing on scans and there is no visble sign of growth anywhere else. My dad had only had 5 treatments prior to these scans.

The Doctor also said that my father is tolerating the treatment extremely well. His blood counts go down but they bounce right back up and they have never dropped to a level of concern. He said "whatever you're doing, keep doing it". We have been doing some supplements and juicing and have changed his diet considerably. There's really no way to know for sure what is working. My Dad is even more determined than ever to eat nutritionally and do whatever it takes to keep his body healthy. A healthy body tolerates the chemo better and allows the body to exert all of it's energy on fighting the cancer.

Thank you all for your support and my best wishes go out to each of you.


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Don't feel bad about posting good news. I have the same misgivings about posting good news, but remeber back to when I was first diagnosed and looking for any positive news I could find.

Great news for your dad!! I was also given the "remission" news recently. My onc says if no recurrnce within 5 years, he will consider me cured. Congrats, and keep us posted. Mike

Anonymous user (not verified)

Super great news and I am thrilled for you all. Don't feel bad about posting good news...it's what we all want to hear more than anything, inspiring much needed hope for everyone.

By the way, I noticed in your post you mentioned the bad news about KrisS and my mom. While the news about Kris is so tragic, there is nothing wrong with my mom :D Amen, whew, sigh of relief, end of that ;D.

While most definitely not cured of lung cancer, she is stable and is on her way to Europe for a five week trip as I write this. Just wanted to clear the record...mom and Bert are both okay.


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That is truly great news!!!!! I know exactly what your're going through. My dad is stage 3, who is now undergoing chemo treatments, so I know first hand what kind of stress your're under, but again congreatulations on him being NED, NED, NED!!!!!

Keep the faith and I will keep you guys in my prayers.


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I am so sorry for the confusion. It was the other Monika (whose screen name is mopar.) Her Mom passed away. I am so glad that both Bert and your Mom are doing well.

Best Wishes,

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Good Evening!!!

A GREAT evening it is for you!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!!! Good News is always GREAT to hear!!!! Hang in there and keep up the good work!!!!


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Congratulations. It is truly inspiring to hear the great results of your dad. My dad was diagnosed with a stage 4 colon cancer (liver, peritoneal, and spleen) and undergoing similar treatment like yours.
Every good news I read in this site really gives me strength and hope that we will overcome this disease.
Congratulations again.


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Hiya Deneen, it is very sad for us all to hear of our friends here losing the battle but all the good news can only make us all stronger. Some here are paving the way for radical change in treatment. Those surviving long term are a true inspiration for all of us. Your dad can now enjoy the remission room--we have a comfy chair waiting for him!
luv kanga n Jen

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Congrats to you and your dad on being in remission...has a good sound to it! and we all need good news! Judy

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