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stage iv colon cancer

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Hi everyone,

My dad (aged 63) has been diagnosed with a stage iv colon cancer last July 20, 2004. Initially he has been complaining of stomach fullness since May. But he chose to ignore it. Thus, it's been a big shock to me and my family when he was diagnosed with cancer.
All my life, he has been a very strong man who hardly gets sick. Unfortunately, his cancer has metastasized to his liver ( 3 little spots and a big spot in his caudate lobe comprising of cystic and mass component), spleen, and peritoneum. His surgeon just removed his primary tumor and gave dad a temporary colostomy because of the presence of lymph nodes in his cul de sac. The doctor said that he is considered lucky if he lives in a year.
My dad is currently undergoing chemo treatments comprising of folfox4 and avastin. We already had 4 treatments and he has tolerated them very well. In fact he has gained all his lost weight after the surgery. He went down to 148 lbs, but now he is back to 160 lbs and he has been going to work every single day except during chemo days.
Everyday, I've been praying that he gets cured, although I know that you hardly get cured when you have a stage iv metastatic cancer. But whenever I visit this site, my hopes get high.
It's been a really, really tough battle.
I am just so thankful for this site. The group has been so generous in sharing all their experiences and support to each other. How I wish that there will be a cancer cure soon and it will just be like a common flu where you can get vaccine every year.


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hi tess,
sorry to hear about dad. we must keep the faith and pray for his recovery. there are alot of survivor stories on this site. never give up!!!
we are here for you
stay the course
keep the faith
stay positive
all the best

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Sounds like a rough time for you all but from your description your dad seems to be coping remarkably weel both physically and, just as importantly, psychologically. I would agree with him that the routine and the role of work is useful and I conitnue to work fulltime during my current chemo regime. When a prognosis like his is given it is vital to start thinking about quality of life. What would you want to do if told this will be the last year of your life. It sounds like he justr wants to carrry on as normal and this is important to a lot of us.
I hope you are getting the support you need too and do feel free to use this site to unload worries and fears. Keep us informed of how things go and keep up the great attitude.

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Tess, doctors are only human and no one here on earth can predict how long anyone has...that's entirely in some one elses hands. You know already that there are many stage iv survivors on this board beating the odds and there are many more out there doing so every single day that we just don't hear or know about. No, as of this date in the year 2004 there is no known certain cure for stage IV's but there are time line death sentences anymore either....and who's to say what's around the corner.

Keep the faith, the hope, and the positive attitude...they will all rub off on your dad who is on his way to fighting one heck of a battle but a battle that does not necessarily say WHEN or IF he will loose.


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Tess, I am so sorry for what you are going through.I am a stage IV SURVIVOR. Read my web page.
There are many on this thread who are stage IV survivors. Everyone is different and treatments are different. It is so hard to be where you are, a lot to go through. Only God knows how long we are going to be here. Live everyday as if it is your last, spend time with your Father and let him know how much you love him.There are so many kind people on this net, and everyone wants to help you.You will be in my prayers.

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