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Remember me in your prayers

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Hi all, I see the new urologist on Nov. 3rd and my chemo doctor on Nov 4th(to see if I need to take more chemo)and then I have the series of tests on Nov 10th(CT Scan of head, carotid artery ultrasound and Echocardigram of heart) to see why I am still feeling dizzy. My family doctor is trying to get me an appt with a neurologist too. She's really trying to cover all ground, which I'm glad for. But, I'm kinda nervous that they'll find something else. Also, my husband got laid off from his job Friday. He didn't even tell me until yesterday. He said he didn't want to upset me. I just bought my new PT Cruiser, so now I'm worried where the payments will come from. I get disability and a small pension, but by the time I pay my House payments and insurance and car insurance and utilities, it's all gone.
Remember mein your prayers,
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Oh Judy, why is all this happeining to you? I am so sorry that your husband has been laid off, adding to your worries. You are so strong though...you will make it. Let us hope he finds something else quickly. Good luck.... thinking about you.

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hi judy,
i am very sorry to here about your husband getting laid off. what kind of work did he do????
can he for now get unemployment???
judy you must have faith, god will provide !!!!!
as far as your test and appointments you will do fine. you are a strong person and have come along way. your dr has a plan which is great.
stay the course !!!!!
keep the faith !!!!!!!!!
we are all here for you.
all the best

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Everyone is saying hi Judy, so I guess your name is Judy.
Hi Judy.
You are absolutely in my prayers and thank you for posting this. It helps me to pray for you instead of throwing a pity party for myself. I do believe that God will provide. I wish I could tell you how. But somehow he will.

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Hi!! Sue here. Hang in there!!!! You guys will make it!!!! You have a super husband and working together as you do you guys will make it!!!! I know how hard the waiting is!!! Bob and I have been waiting for quite a while to find out what they will do next and finally with taking one day at a time, tomorrow is the big day!!! WE are hoping and praying that they will finally have something else for Bob to try. He is losing hope do to the wait and not having any treatments. He is taking pain meds now which worry him as to what will happen next.

So just hang in there and take one day at a time!!! Prayers are coming your way!!!! I will post after we find out what the Dr. said tomorrow.
Best if luck!!!!!


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Hiya Judy--you know we pray for you sweetie. Sorry to hear about your hubby being laid off. You don't deserve this. We are hoping all turns out ok. Remember, a while back I had all the heart tests for dizziness and chest pains etc. Well, it all turned out to be caused by worry/stress and the effects of chemo. I really do hope that this is the cause of your dizziness Judy---here's hoping and praying for you, luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Hi Kanga and Jen, I appreciate your prayers. I hope mine is just due to stress and chemo too. I am so worried that they will find something else wrong. My husband went for an interview today and they're supposed to let him know in a few days. He said it looks good. So.....don't quit praying.
Love you guys
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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