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Is Cytomel Necessary?

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I had a total thyroidectomy August 12 of this year. I was given Levothyroxine the day after surgery, and continued to take it for a month before being switched to Levoxyl. I did have complications with electrolyte imbalance after surgery, and was readmitted 2 days after my initial release. I was given calcium suppliments and also told to chew 3 Tums tablets a day, but I was never given Cytomel. I didn't even know of it until I came to this forum. Is it necessary to take both Cytomel and a thyroid hormone repalcement, or do they cancel each other out?
Thanks for reading.

Ardja (21, female)

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Hi! Being a patient for 16yrs things change.When I went for my first RAI treatment I wasn't given no cytomel then about 5yrs later(since I would go every yr for scan) the oncologist would take me off my synthroid for 6 weeks(2weeks with cytomel and 3 nothing) so that the TSH would get high enough.Last yr after I went for scan that showed I needed the RAI treatment the dr told me to take cytomel with my synthroid because it was going to help me feel better faster but cytomel makes me feel sick and I don't know why.Take care

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Cytomel is a temporary fix. It is a temporary replacement for your thyroid repalcement hormone. It only stays in your system for about three days after you stop taking it. That's why the Dr prescribes before the I 131 because it leaves your system quick unlike synthroid or other thyroid replacements that can stay in your system for weeks. If you are feeling really worn out like after your I 131 treatment you can take both cytomel and levoxyl at the same time for a week or two to give the hormone time to build in your system again. hope this clears it up.

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