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New: advanced non small cell adenocarcinoma

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Hello, this is my 1st time joining a chat room ever.

Yesterday we found out my mom has non small cell adenocarcinoma and we are waiting for the PET results to find out the stage. Because the CT scans showed there are lesions in her liver and that it has mets to the lymph node we were told this code be stage IIIB or possibly IV. The largest mass in her lung was measured at 9.2 mm in diameter. We are just beginning our research and would really appreciate it if anyone out there can share w/ me any successful treatments?

My mom is beautiful and has a lot to fight for. She's young, a non-smoker, and is in excellent health. She has had a persistant cough and chest pains for 1+ year and requested x-rays from her doctor but he said it was most likely due to her blood pressure medication. Needless to say, the doctor finally agreed to a chest x-ray after she started to cough up blood and that's when they found the masses in her lung and noticed 2 lesions in her liver.

Any help/advice is much appreciated!

Thank you,

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Hello Nenette,

I have the same thing as your mother, non small cell adenocarcinoma. I was classified as stage 3A. I did chemo & radiation, then surgery. We removed the upper left lope in Sept. 2004. The pathology report came back negative in the lung and lymph nodes. Prior to surgery they found a lesion in my brain. We did stereo tactic radio surgery. Five weeks since the surgery we have found 3 more lesions. I am doing whole brain radiation and chemo. I would first, get rid of your mother's physician. Get one that understands. And two, be as aggressive as you can and her as well. Push buttons, push hard to get the best care. Also, your mother may want to get a lawyer as well, her doctor screwed up tremendously. I know what your mother is going through. I am only 44 years of age myself (female). Don't let my name confuse you. Please let me know how things go with your mother. I live in Mass. My prayers are with you.

Fatboy (Gini)

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I'm Jo Ann, 45 yrs old and was diag in June stage lllA nsc adneocarcinoma. I've had rad & Chemo and they still haven't ruled out sugery. It will depend on what the scans show. What facility were you treated at. Did they say how long you have had this? Back in June they told me about 9 mos. I wish you the best.
God Bless You

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My name is Jo Ann. I as diagnosed in June with nsc stage lllA. I had a leison in the top left lung and it had spread to the hylar glad and lymp node just outside the lung. I went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa. I live in upstate NY. I was there for 9 week. Recieved 30 radiation treatments and 6 Chemo's at the same time. Now home I have had 6 Chemo's with 2 to go. In 2 weeks I will have scans to show wht is going on. I believe the main thing that has helped me is letting God hanle this. I put my faith in him. It is just to much for me. In Tulsa I learned a lot about how nutrition effects your treatments and even helps stop cancer growth. There is a very informative book called "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" by Timothy Mcquillon. I may benefit you and your Mom. I am 45. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family

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hi jo ann, my sister 58, has stage 4 lung with mets to brain and spine. diagnosed in june had tumor on spine removed, for the most part. and radiation 3 weeks to brain/spine. 2 of 4 chemo so far. doc is not very hopeful but you should see my sister, she is doing really well. she lost 35lbs but has gained back 15 in 3 weeks with night iv bags of tpn. my question to you is why did you decide to travel to tulsa. my sis lives in los angeles. i live on long island and come out once a month to help out. i will look for nutrition book but if you could tell us just a few things about it i would love to know the main things he thinks are important. take care of your self and drop me a line if you want. robin rathke7@msn.com or anyone else in the situation too.

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No matter what the doctors say Never Give Up Hope. My husband (38) was dx'd in May '04 with NSCLC, 4 brain mets and multiple lymph node involement. His first doctor gave him 6 months. He had whole brain radiation and the mets are down. He developed blood clots in his legs and is now on blood thinners, so he had to do a once a week carboplatin/taxol treatment after radiation. Neither had any impact on his lung cancer. He had lots of fluid in his chest and had basically lost the ability to eat much. It looked so bleak. He stopped treatment and got an experimental chest tube to remove the fluid. Life has changed. Next week is 6 months and there is no real sign of him slowing down. He is eating again and gaining strength every day. We don't know how long he has or any of us has. Get doctors you know will fight with you! Never give up. No matter how sick my husband was he never thought, "Today might be the day I die." He thought, "Another day to get better."
Peace, love, happinessa nd health,

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