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Hi all,
I read Kris sisters post before I left for my follow up scans this a.m. in tears. Kris was so kind and well informed, and despite her own setbacks and the relentlessness of her own disease, she was always reaching out to others. I will miss her.
Now I begin the wait for the results of my scans and bloodwork, as I near the 1 year anniversary of my diagnosis. I am also being worked up for "adrenal insufficiency" that may or may not be related to the chemo. I had a few mysterious and unexplained bouts of low potassium the year prior to all the cancer stuff. Since chemo, I have needed mega replacement of potassium, until the nephrologist put me on aldactone for my blood pressure. There is a chance that an "unrelated and prob benign" adrenal tumor is causing this, which may mean more surgery.
What a year this has been, and, while trying to hold my anxiety in check, I find myself reflecting on all that has happened to me.
I realize that I have so much to be grateful for, and meeting the folks here has been an important part of seeing me through this far.
Keep me in your prayers...I see the onc and nephrologist next Friday for my appointment. Here's hoping for good news. Thanks for all your support; you are all proof of how to live despite this disease. Regards, Judy

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Hello there!!! Hang in there!!! I know to well about the waiting thing!! We have been waiting to hear if My husband Bob qualifies for the experimental phase of treatments. Last Wed we sent all the info to Bob's Dr. and now we have to wait until Wed to find out hopefully what to do next. I hate all the waiting as we have a life to live and this really puts a dampper on it!!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!! Please do the same for us!!! Hang in there we will make it.

Best Wishes and prayers your way!!


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I am sorry for your stress and concern prior to your test. You are in my prayers.

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Judy.. my prayers are with you, and I am focusing on
only positive test results. Sending you healing energy over the miles.. Bud

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That anniversary is waiting for you Judy. I really can't believe that I have been here over 12 months talking to such wonderfull friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as always Judy
luv n huggs , Kanga n Jen

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Hi Judy Love and prayers, the other Judy(grandma047)

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Hi Judy my thoughts and prayers are with you. I understand how you must feel. I have been having another problem that only appears when I have surgery. My heart rate goes wacky usually 100-115 resting I have been monitoring it. I must tell you Tuesday before the Surgery I had a ekg and the doctor saids to me oh I see you had a silent heart attack. I looked at this doctor and said no one ever told me I had had a heart attack. So they sent me for a echocardiogram and said everthing was fine. This makes me wonder. I will be going to have my staples removed Friday but I will have the doctor discuss this with me further.I was wondering if this had something to do with potassium levels also. Fine time for some one to tell you this just when you are going in for a liver resection. Since Friday bp is with in normal range 110/80 pulse 115 or in the 100's. Temps are down now 99-100. I was just wondering if this could be in the same family of problems you're having.

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Dear Judy,

I pray that your results will be good and your others conditions can be dealt with without additional surgery.

You have come a long way in a year and hopefully this next year will be an easier one for you.

Let us know about your results. Praying for you.


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Hello Judy,
I know well that this waiting is difficult. The tests and the visits to the MD's are bad but the waiting is the worst. I am thinking of you and hoping that the wait is short. I am sorry to hear about the other health issues you are facing. I do think that the cancer is not going to bother you again. Hang in there sweetie!
Peace and Piece of Mind,

Anonymous user (not verified)

Judy, you can rest assured that you are in my prayers for only good things or "minor" road blocks, if you will :D Yes, it has been a year but thank God you are here to talk about it. It's been 15 months for Bert...scans are coming too, October 28, but of course, results won't be back until November 4 when we see the oncologist. Same day that I have to do prep for my follow-up colonoscopy that revealed three pre cancerous polyups last year (oh my...I couldn't eat a thing anyway while waiting on Bert's news).

Stay well, dear Judy, and I am thinking of you...often.


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