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TLK 286

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I start on my first trial of TLK 286 today. Anyone had this experience?

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I start my second TLK-286 on Thursday. No ill effects from the chemo but the key--will it work?What chemo were you on before? What made you try this trial? I am 57, Hysterectomy 02/03 (which was 10 weeks prior to my daughter's wedding) , then Taxol-Carbo for 6 months, in remission for 10 months, Topotecan for 6 weeks-which was totally ineffective-& Cancer kept progressing. Please let me know your progress & I will keep you informed as well. You are the only person I know other than myself on the drug- so please stay in touch, Good luck!!!

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How did the second treatment go? I had never heard of TLK286 until you posted. I pray all is going well and all of the cancer is being eaten up completely. I vision little pacmen in the chemo searching and seeking out the cancer and devouring it. :-)

Take Care and God Bless Bonnie

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Linda, this is Allen, husband of PhoebeW. I will try to give you as much information as I can remember. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian on December 31, 2003. No symptoms until a
December 18th or so! Inoperative at that time. We werre referred to Dr Charles Levenback at MD Anderson in Houston and met with him the second week of January. Four rounds of Carbo/Taxol and then extensive surgery on April 22. Several small pieces of the cancer were not removed for various reasons. The operation damaged some nerves and she could not walk(in early December she weighed 108 lbs, did step arobics four times weekly for 2 hours at a time, attended a tap dance class once weekly, and a modern dance class each week--very physically fit). Two weeks in the hospital at MDA and physical therapy allowed her to ;walk but barely. The nerve damage caused a change in the meds to Carbo/Taxatere since it was feared that the Taxol would damage the injured nerves. Three rounds of this and then negative results. We tried another round of Carbo/Taxol and got the CA125 down to 39 (we started at 2147). The cancer became refractory to the mds and started to grow aggressively. We changed to Doxel for two rounds that did absolutely nothing. On October 20 the CA125 was back to 740 adn we entered the TLX286 trial. First course of TLK286 on Oct 22 the day after her 60th birthday. more problems with nausea than with the other drugs. We spent this Sunday in the emergency room trying to replace fluids lost by vomiting. Her anti-nausea drugs are not working. Also we have abdominal swellign from the cancer and have increased the pain meds. Well this is most of the story except for three broken toes and a bladder infection as a result of the hospital stay. Where are you being treated and how did round two go?

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