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Non small cell cancer

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I guess I should have specified the type of cancer mom has. It is non small cell adenocarcinoma with mets to the liver. She is currently taking cistipatin and gleevec. Will this type of chemo make her hair fall out and is it normal to be very sick after only the first treatment?

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hi, I am mike, yes, she will lose her hair, sorry but this a rotten disease. Yes , cisplatnum made me very sick, and I was hospitalized over it and then switched to carboplatnum, taxol and vp=16. I have no experience with gleevac, well , Hope this helps some and God bless and in my prayers. Mike

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Hi Mike,
My Mom has just been diagnosed with large cell, stage 4 and we are still in the final rounds of diagnostics but it's in the bones for sure and also adrenals. The oncologist mentioned carboplatin and taxol... Do you tolerate them any better than the cisplatin? Do you recommend any particular diet?

Thank you for your posting and God bless.


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Cathy. I had stage 3A nonsmall cell and was treated with carboplatin and taxol followed by same drug regimen in combo with radiation. I had phenomenol results. I finished treatment in Feb and I am cancer free. My oncologist says the drug combo can be differentl. You just have to find what works for you. I had a CT scan after the first round of chemo just to make sure it was working for me and I already had major destruction of the tumor. Good Luck. Cheryl

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