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Hello all!

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Hi everyone,

How are yall doing? I hope this message finds you in good spirits! I'm going in for my thoracotomy today. Let the opioid-festivities begin! Going in with a few tumors, hopefully I'll be coming out with none. NED! NED! NED! I can't wait to put those scoundrels in the bucket where they belong. I asked my surgeon the other day if the pieces of my right lung are hanging out with my rectum... He wouldn't answer... Well, I'm hoping my left lung tumors will go join his/her friends (I still have yet to name my cancer, although normally it is referred to as a four letter word... Perhaps I'll name it after my ex-boyfriend... Both are pretty shitty, he, he, he...). So if you could all keep your fingers crossed (except those with neuropathy, you're excused!), that would be great.

On another note, I attended a conference put on by the colorectal cancer alliance (CCA). It was super awesome - good food, good speakers, ect. It gave me a LOT of hope. For all you Stage IV, there are new drugs coming down the pipeline; anti-angiogenic drugs, tyrosine kinase inhibitors, ect. Vaccines are also being developed (including ALVAC-CEA) that look interesting. Not to mention all the surgical techniques to destroy liver mets.. Anyways, anybody on the East Coast should check it out. The next one is next August/September in New York. You should also see the site. They provide a lot of support.

Finally, you should all check out the www.colondar.com site. It's a calendar of young female CRC survivors. It was organized by Molly (colossal colon girl). I met her at the conference and she is awesome. I might represent the colostomates next year. YEA! I think it's a fabulous way to raise awareness of a cancer that no one wants to talk about.

Have a fabulous day and I'll leave you with a quote I love,

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."

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Hi Andrea,

You sound in good spirits and you will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Positive thoughts are being sent your way.

I received notice of the conference you spoke of and really wanted to attend, but I'm juggling too many balls right now. So, maybe next year. It is encouraging about all the new "stuff" coming down the pipeline. You'd think if we can put people on the moon, we could surely wipe out cancer.

Take care, my fingers and toes are crossed for you. Let us know how it goes.

Maybe we can have a "name that tumor" contest.

Many prayers and blessings.


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I love the quote -- which is now stuck up on the wall, above my desk, with some other favorites.

Wishing you all the best with the surgery. You have a great attitude. I'm praying for that NED! NED! NED!

Go, dragonslayer!


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Hey Sweet Baby Girl!!

In high spirits I see--YOU GO GIRL!!

Better not tell SB about the calendar girls or he'll want to pose for next years in his Speedo!....or maybe he'll want to date one of the pin-ups....

Anyway, you keep us posted on how things go ok? so your rectum and boyfriend are just a couple of long gone @$$#oles? haha

Reminds me of the joke I made up:

Why are all colorectal cancer survivors such nice people?

because there isn't an @$$hole among us.


hope you came out ok from your thoracotomy whatever that is??

hang in there and don't be such a stranger ok?

peace, emily who popped mushrooms for the anti-angiogenesis effect (not magic mushrooms--that's only during Grateful Dead concerts haha JUST KIDDING!)

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hey sweetheart...go butcher the beast!!! I'm always rooten and tooten for ya.

Emily, I'm still cracking up at your made up joke. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH


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Hey Andrea--yu got prayers n good vibes comin from OZ babe. Hey--we hope yu stuck to eatin all tha good stuff at that show. If yah didn't and got into the sweets n cakes n alltha bad stuff I am gunna tell Emily about all yah bad habits!--lol
"kangathong" is rollin on tha floor!!!
You reckon Em's joke was good Monika?
Last time I got tha mirror out n looked my @$$#ole was still there--mind you I don't look too often--lol
Oh--btw--I presented a talk at our club(157 members present) the other night on colon cancer. I was really well received and I stressed the need for guys in particular to "go see a doctor!" when they have bowel symptoms or change in habits. Maybe it was not as high profile as the conference Andrea but in a small way we can all contribute to the cause. We need to get our message out.
Thinkin of yah--luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

--I bin off workin last few days so time to scoot n check some more posts.

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I am sending you all my best wishes for a quick recovery.If colon cancer could only get the attention we see for Breast cancer every October. Thanks for the good report from your meeting. You will be in my prayers.

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Dear Andreae,

I'm hoping all has gone well with your procedure.
Your spirits sound great. Let us know how you are doing.

I'm so proud that you are involved in colon cancer awareness. Thanks for letting us know about new drugs out in the horizon.

Wishing you health and happiness!


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