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Neck Disaction / Radiation / swollen face, chin & neck

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Hello everyone. Again thanks in advance to all who may responde. My husband had a tumor removed on his left ear and also had a neck disection. He underwent 33 treatments of radiation, while he was getting radiated he had some swelling. It has been 4 weeks now and almost all the swelling dissapear, except that a couple of days ago he start to present some swelling again. We called his doctors and are expecting to hear back but I thought some of you have some input on this question. Thank you all.
God Bless,
jessica egge

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Hi Jessica,
This is Beth Talmadge. I've been thinking alot about you and Darin. I am glad to hear he is done with radiation. I don't have an answer to your concerns, but I wanted to let you know that I hope he is feeling better soon. I lost your email address and perhaps you could send it to me again.

Take Care,

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Hi Beth! We are doing ok thanks, how is your hubby? The doctor told us that this tend to happend at least for a year or so. My email is jessicaegge@min.midco.net, let's catch up!
Jessica Egge

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Hi there Egge. It's been a while since your posting and you may already have your answer. My husband had a similar problem recently, only it had been nearly three months since his surgery. Did your husband have any lymph nodes removed? We learned from one of our surgeons that it is not unusual for a cancer patient who has had lymph nodes removed to swell up in the face periodically, at least for a few months. My husband swelled up like a balloon, to the point that it hurt to touch his lips because it hurt so much. Four days later and he was back to normal. Your husband might want to sleep with his head and back elevated to discourage this from happening again. At least, that is what was suggested to us. I hope he is feeling back to normal soon!

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