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Prayers needed please

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Hello everyone,

My Dad had his 1st CT Scan yesterday since he has started treatment. He will be receiving his first PET scan on Thursday. The last scans he had were prior to the start of any chemotherapy and showed 2 spots on the liver that were not seen at the time of surgery in June.

I am praying for some good news to come from these scans. He has had 5 treatments of 5FU, Leucovorin, Oxiliplatin and Avastin. He has tolerated them well so far with the worst side effect being tingling in his fingers that does not go away between treatments now. His spirits go up and down but lately they have been a little more down. I am hoping that the scans will show shrinkage or disappearance of the spots on the liver. This would give him more hope and would help him get through the remainder of the treatments.

Would 5 rounds of treatment show some good results yet ? If not, does that mean that the chemo isn't working ? Please pray for my father that he receives some good results this time. We were very upset with the results of the 1st scans he had.

Thank You Very Much,

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It will be interesting to see the results of the PET scan. My husband had a CT scan following treatment and it showed two spots on the liver too. But when he had the PET scan, that showed they were not malignant. It is a difficult time for your dad and your family but keep hope alive...lots of people have good results from the chemo he is on.

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Hi Deneen,

This is my first time to write in this site. But I've been reading all your messages and have been very helpful since the time my dad, aged 63, was diagnosed with a stage iv colon cancer last July 20, 2004. Like your situation, my dad's cancer has metastasized to his liver, inoperable and his peritoneum. His spleen has several lesions too. He also has a colostomy. So far we had four sessions of chemo comprising of folfox and avastin. He has well tolerated them. In fact, he has been steadily gaining weight and has gained all the weight lost after his operation.
We will be having his ct scan after his 5th treatment. Like you, I pray every day that he will get better or probably get cured, who knows? Nothing is impossible, right?


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