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Could Use some input!

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Hello... my name is Lyndsay Davis and I am a writer for the Big Green, an online magazine at Michigan State University. I am currently writing a story on how important it is for young women to be aware of cervical cancer and its causes. I could really use some input or possibly a short phone or email interview with a patient or survivor of cervical cancer. I wasn't sure how to get ahold of someone so I thought this may a good start. If you could or would like to help me out and help get the word out to young women, please email me. Either at daydream9@aol.com or davislyn@msu.edu. Please make sure to title the subject something about Cervical Cancer. Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

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I will help you. I will give you my contact info when you reply... that is if you still need it.

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email me at known2b@peoplepc.com

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I have a big problem with how we who have cervicle cancer is treated, even by people in the medical field. Had a Dr. sneer at me and say "hah too many partners, right," I am a person of high moral character and peoples attitude has made me embarrassed to admit what type of cancer I have had.

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If you still need more people I will help. Contact me at nik49@hotmail.com

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WHAT I NEVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT MY CANCER BUT EVERY ONE SHOULD...LaurieTxcan contact me @www.craiglaurie@comcast.net if you still need info or want it.

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