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Flu Shot

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I wonder if people who had cancer earlier this year can get the flu shot. It seems like every place is running out. Has anyone out there been successful?

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Hi pickles~
The flu shot is recommended for cancer patients too. They don't post it on the requirements and i'm not sure why. But i would talk to your doctor about it, i'm sure there is something he can do for you. My physician isn't giving them out until late november/early december, but he always makes sure i get mine. Your immune system is week so usually your doctors will want you to get one. But i would ask your doctor about it, i'm sure he could tell you if you need it and if so where to get it. Hope this helped!


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Pickles, If you were not able to get the flu shot you should really check out Immunocal. It is an over the counter immune system enhancer. It is listed in the "Physicians Desk Reference" and the "Red Book". I have been taking it for weeks and have noticed quite a change in my energy levels and health. Many cancer patients have recommended this to me. You can find it at www.Healthy-Immune-System.com

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This year there is no shortage of flu shots, far as I know. The government pushed so hard, gave such dire warnings to get them, that everyone paniced and ran to get them. Which made me suspect. I have a total laryngectomy, get the flu shot every year, and pneumonia shot when time. After all these years, I have rarely gotten the flu, but walkng pneumonia gets me almost evey winter. Pneumonia shot evidently doesn't cover that. This year, a couple of weeks after flu shot, I got a verilent strain of flu that the shot didn't cover. The flu shot covers whatever "they" think is the most prevalent for the season. I just got out of the hospital. I was VERY sick, with flu AND viral pneumonia (two different viruses in lungs). I am careful with diet, weight, and I'm active. For a laryngectomee, I have a high resistance.....I do take probiotics, and several vitamins. This winter kicked my butt! Never been so sick, and never sick this long. 5 days in hospital, and continue to recuperate, rest for a week. ER rooms and hospitals in my area are full of flu victims, so I guess I really should thank God and a wonderful young dr. that as a laryngectomy I survived it! I work in a church nursery, and I know at least one little one has come in with flu. I will not be cuddling and picking up those that appear ill, and now the church has posted signs reminding families sick children will not be received. Little guys need to be home, taken care of, too!

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