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sleeping too much?

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Hello everyone

Now that i am with my mom, i see much more of her symptoms... there is one thing she started doing a lot- sleeping.
She sleeps all the time. It scares me ... is that normal.? DOes it mean anything? she is not on chemo yet but should be soon. she is eating so-so. she gets tired very fast... yesterday she slept all day!!! Is this bad?

Thanks for all replies.
You are all in my prayers....


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Hi Edina,

I'm not sure what treatment your mom has already but my mom is exhausted. She's really really tired. Thursday and Friday of last week I think my mom was awke for a total of 10 hours both days! She was never a sleeper but boy has that changed. It can really take a toll on people but Trust me - She'll bounce back fast.


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Ahoy, Edina -

Sleeping a lot is a normal thing. Not to worry - too much... Curious - in addition to sleeping a lot, does your mom have any other symptoms associated with depression? That's also a "normal" thing to be on the look-out for. Has she lost interest in things she normally loves doing? Does she have an overwhelming sense of hopelessness that she conveys through what she says or does? You said her eating was so-so, can that be attributed to anything in particular?

Try getting her outside in the sun and fresh air dong something physical. Talk to her about how she feels - emotionally, not just physically, get her on the site here to talk to us about and hear how a good attitude - a positive attitude - is the BEST tool she'll have in her arsenal against the dragon. Also discuss with her the possibility of talking to her onc about anti-depressants. It's normal to feel gloom and doom when faced with having cancer. Since you can see it, you are the first line of defense to help her out of it and get her mind right for the fight ahead.

We're here for her - and you! You're a terrific daughter to care enough to notice these things and seek some help for your mom.

Best regards

- SpongeBob

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I'm not that sure of your mother's history- has she had an op recently or is she on nay treatment? Tiredness is a common symptom of having cancer but is can also be caused by a lot of other reversible things. Bob talked eloquently about depression which is often under diagnosed in those with cancer (people put you feeling down to being normal as you've got something to be down about but when it starts to affect more than that eg enjoying things, sleep, appetite, energy, cocnetration, enthusiasm etc it may need treatment).

Other causes include being anaemic (common post op or on chemo) or the body using its energy to heal itself esp after operations. I certainly found I had to sleep two hours every afternoon for about a month after my op and I'm a previously very fit 31 year old.

Anyway let us know a little more and perhaps talk to her docs about it if it continues.
Best of luck ,

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Hey, Steve -

What's this about being a "previously fit" 31 year old? Get your butt back to the gym, my friend! I've dumped 30 lbs and I'm benching 200 lbs and cranking out 100 sit-ups a day! You can do it, too!!

By the way, I feel better than I have EVER felt!


- SpongeBob

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