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One step forward, two back

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Hi all, I feel like all I do is whine. So here goes again!!!! If you're sick of hearing me, just ignore this post. I won't mind. I would understand. Anyhow, this weekend was horrible. I've been having dizzy spells since surgery. They're getting worse and yesterday I had a splitting headache. My head hasn't felt right in a while. And also the cathether bled all day and night yesterday. I called my surgeon's office and spoke to the nurse and she was no help at all. She said she "didn't think" the dizziness was because of surgery. She said to check with my family doctor about it. She said it could be blod pressure or sugar. I had both these checked about a month ago and they were fine. She said as far as the bleeding goes it would be up to my urologist and that they couldn't do anything. I said "well, he doesn't want to do anything either. Just wait until January to remove it and I'm supposed to bleed like this till then. I called the family doctor and have an appt at 220P today. I don't think it will do any good. I'm very discouraged right now. Everytime things start to look up, I get knocked down again. Please pray for my physical and emotional states. They're not too good right now. I love you guys and if you're still reading, thanks a lot. Talk to you again soon. I'll try not to whine next time.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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hi judy,
sorry you had a bad weekend.
that is why you are down. hopefully your visit with your family dr will be okay, and he can give you some answers. you will get thru this bump in the road. remember you are going to have a cancer free xmas and that should bring you back to a positive mind frame.
stay the course, stay positive
whin as much as you want to. we are always here for you
let us know what happens today with your dr.
all the best

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Hi judy,

so sorry you are going through this.

I am hypoglycemic and if i don't eat at certain times then I get dizzy and/or headaches. If the doctor checked my blood sugar they would tell me it's fine too, but I know better. I had a 7 hour glucose tolerance test rather than the typical 3 hour one. It could have been missed if I had had the 3 hour one. but I also know my body and how I react no matter what the doctor tells you. As far as blood pressure I know nothing about that except those are symptoms too. Point is it COULD be sugar even if it comes out "fine".

What is your diet like? Foods we eat have so much to do with all this kind of stuff.

Did you read my book recommendation post? I am excited about a new book I am reading that really goes into good detail about colon nutrition written by a man who suffered from an intestinal disease and he cured it with diet and supplements. Then he went on to help his grandomther heal from STAGE IV ovarian cancer that had spread everywhere with this same diet and certain supplemental medicinal mushrooms.

The Makers Diet by Jordan Rubin

Anyway you didn't sound like you were whining....sheesh.....with everything that has been happening to you and your setbacks you earn the right ......

Hope it gets better and you are in my prayers.

peace, emily who has to get back to her reading now......

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Please don't apologize for venting. You have been through so much. I hope your doctors appointment goes well and you fianlly get the answers you deserve.


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Hi Judy, Boy, you really are having a time of it. I hope your family doctor has some advice and support...have you had a second opinion from another urologist? It must be scary to keep seeing blood in your urine...even a little can look like a lot, but blood in urine is not the norm.
You keep complaining all you need to, better to get the worries out there, and to find some medical folks who will listen; that nurse is out of line offering her "guesses" to you.
Let us know how the appt went; you are in my thoughts and prayers. the other Judy

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Judy -

All I can say is UGH... Heck, you may be dizzy because your blood pressure is low due to constant bleeding. No doubt your red blood cells are small and not carrying as much oxygen as you're used to - your body is cranking them out before they're totally mature to replace the ones you're bleeding away. Jeez - I don't know what the deal is with thta catheter constantly bleeding like that and their lack of concern and action. That just seems wrong.

Judy you keep venting here and being a squeeky wheel with your docs/oncs - remember, they're YOUR CONSULTANTS. THEY WORK FOR YOU. Many of us are here because our doctors didn't listen to us when we first went to them and told them we thought there was something wrong. When they finally did listen (or just did some tests to placate us) they found out we were smarter than they gave us credit for and we were... (drum roll please0 RIGHT!!! You keep on those people! And get a second and third opinion from a DOCTOR if you don't think they have a grasp on te situation.

Oh... one more thing... don't EVER apologize for venting to this group. (it wil set a dangerous precedent that we will be expected to follow in the future when we vent)

Keeping you in my prayers, Judy

- SpongeBob

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