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Idea: young survivors chat time...

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Let me know what everyone thinks.... a new chat time and date with a topic... the topic of relationships- this can be with parents, friends and family and just fiting in or a relationship with a segnifiant other and dating also. We can talk about anything in the chat but I thought having a main topic to help others with could HELP!!! Let me know what you all think and then we can set the time and day. I havent heard from alot of you in awhile!!!

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Thursdays at 10 eastern is a good time for me

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Sounds cool to me! Let me know what time you decide to do it and I'll try to be there. It always helps to talk with other people your age.

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i'd love to join, i think it's a great idea!!! xxoo elana

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Joined: Oct 2003

Chat time and day set.... check my posting on 10-21.....and I hope to see everyone there!

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