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Pre-cancerous? and Scared

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I’m a 39 year old overweight female with a past history of acromegaly, a growth hormone secreting pituitary tumor, which causes excessive growth and hormone havoc. I was just diagnosed with complex hyperplasia with atypia, I believe with atypia because they said abnormal cells. A transvaginal ultrasound also revealed a lesion. I have not had any children as the acromegaly made me unable. I have had bad periods for years, but it was attributed to the acro. Now, 2 years after the tumor removal I have cramps everyday, some I think are just gas pains. I have spotting most of the time and I have period that are extremely heavy and may last up to 2 weeks. I also had a bad reaction to the pill years ago when I used it, I became practically psychotic. Now I’m scared as I know that with complex hyperplasia medication is usually ineffective and will I try it go crazy for 3 months and then need a hysterectomy anyway. I have been referred to a gyn/oncologist, but do not see him until 10/28 and would like some guidance. Is the lesion part of the hyperplasia, and am I living in a fantasy world that I could ever get pregnant and/or carry full-term? I would appreciate any input you could provide. Thanks.

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