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Uterus cancer(what chemo is used to treat clear and serous cell type)?

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In august 2003 I was fainting from loss of blood (long periods) . Had surgery to remove Uterus cancer stage 2 or 3(invaded cervix) by full hysterectomy.I had 3 lots of chemo carboplatin/epirubisin, then 6 weeks radiation treatment followed by 3 more lots of carboplatin/epirubisin . CA 125 was 50 after surgery decreased to 30 after first chemo then went up to 58 before radiation treatment. After radiation treatment took it down to 14. However final 3 lots of chemo (chemoscarboplatin/epirubisin) increased to 140. I had to have a second surgery to remove 2cm secondary under left hip bone and removal of omentum in june 2004. My CA 125 a little over 2 months ago was back at 80. I am afraid to have another CA 125 test as I am told by doctors that it will probably go up again and that the cancer although not visible at macro level is still there at the molecular level.Doctors say it is just a matter of time(i.e. months) before it shows up on CT scan when CA 125 increases.
CA 125 (cancer antigen 125) should be less than 30. Doctors do not recommend any further treatment until cancer returns on CT scan. Anyone know what other chemo I should try to lower my CA 125. With ovarian cancer with clear and serous cell type same carboplatin/epirubisin and taxol combination is used and usually the CA 125 goes down from hundreds to less than 10. However no successful scientific studies have shown carboplatin/epirubisin on clear and serous cell Uterus cancer is successful.Doctors say not many or any studies have been done on this type of cancer as very rare(less 5% of women who get uterus cancer have either the clear or serous cell type, both very aggressive cancers). Most common Uterus cancer(different cell types to mine) has a survival of 80% or more over 5 year period. However my cell type (clear + serous) has a survival rate over 5 years of less than 5% as my cancer is very aggressive. Does anyone know of other chemo I can try? Maybe Taxol? I am only 46 years old with three children aged 18, 16 and 15 and a loving husband that need me alive!

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I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

My Mom also has an aggressive uterine cancer (with metastasis to her lung, liver, brain, and skin). She started with a combination of Taxol and Carboplatin. It brought her CA125 from the 100's down to 6. She remained well for app. 6-7 months when they started to climb again.

Now she is taking Doxil. The nodule on her leg is shrinking so we believe it is working, but she will not get her CA125 results until next week. She is tolerating the treatment well and remaining in good spirits.

We traveled to three different cancer treatment centers over the last year for additional opinions. I recommend this if it is possible for you.

I hope you find the information helpful. I will keep you in my prayers. Best wishes, Melissa

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