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I'm BACK!!

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Hi All!!! Surgery is done--- glad that is over. Now on with the recovery. I had the whole ball of wax... APR, vaginectomy and hysterectomy. Drs say I am doing "fantastic" and am "Ahead of the game". Physically I am doing well. Emotionally I am on a rollercoaster. Can't tell if it is the whole journey or the fact that I am now in menopause phase due to hysterectomy (the hot flashes and night sweats have got to go!!!).

Great news with APR part of surgery... the tumor was completely gone and the renaining scar tissue showed no evidence of cancer. They did find microscopic cancer cells in the rectal muscle. And you know?? Sick as it may sound... I am glad they found some. It gave me peace of mind that I made the right decision in having this surgery. Now everytime I empty my colostomy (which I hate but am getting used to) I can tell myself that I did the right thing instead of wonder what would have happened if I had rolled the dice. Peace of mind is priceless.

Now I am getting ready for chemo. Yuck. But, hey!!! Gotta do what you gotta do!!!!


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hi mjay,
welcome back, glad surgery went well.
ggod luck with chemo
keep positive
stay the course
all the best

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With your amazing attitude, you will do just great! In a few months, this will all be a distant dream and I have read so many posts that say that once you are used to the colostomy bags, it really does not prevent you from doing any of your previous activities.

Good luck!

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Hi and welcome back. I'm so glad that surgery went well. As for the colostomy, I've had mine since May. It took a few months for it to start working exactly right. I would be constipated sometimes. But now, things are working smoothly and I am dealing with it fine. I know you will too. I just make sure to have my emergency kit when I go out. Good luck to you and I wish you a speedy recovery.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Glad to heard that you are doing so well!!!! Your attitude is GREAT!!!! You will kick this thing from here to Mars and NOT back again!!!! As for the hot flashes and night sweats I can tell you that they do get better. I have had them since I was 35 and I wouldn't do hormones I just cut down on the caffine and rode it out. I still get them but I just stripe which my hubby likes quite a bit. He laughes as he said he waited all these years for me to sleep in my birthday suite.

Again, I am really happy for you and with your attitude you will be GREAT at dealing with the chemo!!!! Best of Luck!!! Keep us posted!!!!

Best Wishes!!!!


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Hey MJay--great to hear you are ok--if I remember rightly I had you posted for prayers on the 14th. Think I was also in hospital on that day. I am so glad you came thru it well. I have a mate here who is doin just fine with a colostomy--he's had it for 18 years!!!!
Look after yourself sweetie and be sure to ask for support during your chemo--plenty of that to go round here. Jen is in "menopause world" at the moment. I often know about the changes--I either freeze at night or cook--she has a monopoly on the duna(double bed quilt)
Hey Sue---kanga's idea of "sleeping in his birthday suit"---is wearing a g-string to bed--he he !!!=======remember kanga-thong!!!lol
ho hum--kanga n Jen

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Hi -

Congratulations on having the surgery completed -especially since it sounds like things went really well !! I think your positive attitude is fantastic!

Best of luck with the chemo, I am sure it will be over before you know it.


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Rock on!!! Girlfriend - you have the BEST attitude. Chemo will be tougher with the menopause going on, but a lot of us have done it. Hot flushes drove me mad, I still get them sometimes, and my surgery was 2/03.

Once the chemo is done, get some of the colo-majic ostomy liners. There are great!!!!!!! Insurance doesn't pay for them, but I think they are soooo worth while. They get flushed down when used, so the bathroom trip is much speedier and more normal!

I also don't rec. hormones. With cancer and chemo on board, definately a no no. I started low dose hormones once it was all over, and got a blood clot in my brain!!!!!! It sucked. But I survived. If you decide to do the hormones be careful. Another thought is the SSRI antidepressants. They have been shown to decrease some symptoms of menopause and they are helpful during chemo... I used them and think they helped. Talk to your doctor about it if you want to try them. A therapist/cancer surviver/friend of mine thinks no one should battle chemo without a little help.

Best of luck. We will all be thinking of you. jana

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hi and welcome back. I'm so glad everything went well and you sure sound like your ready to get on with it. Keep that great, positive attitude going...it's half the battle and from the looks of things, one that I'm sure you will win.

Monika :D

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Hey MJ,
Great work, great attitude. You just keep doing what you gotta do, and before you know it, the worst is behind you.
I completed chemo in July, and continue to feel better each week. Hang in there, Judy

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Welcome back, MJay -

Great attitude!!! Keep it up, girl!

- SB

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Welcome back and well done. Sound like you are making a fabulous recovery. It is a rough road but as you get better each week you reallly do appreciate it. I am now 2 and half months post op and get slightly heyperactive at times as enjoy feeling better each day and don't want to waste this time of feeling good. Really enjoy these moments when they happen and it will help you get through the rougher times too.

Let us know how it all goes and keep up the great attitude,

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