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Update on Trip to Fox Chase!!!!

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Hello Everyone!! Well, I'm sorry that I didn't post right away I was waiting for more info before I let you guys know what was up.

Well, when we went to Fox Chase in Phila. it wasn't what we were expecting. It is a beautiful place but we weren't impressed. We waited 1 1/2 hours to see the Dr. which didn't help Bob's physically or mentally!!!! He feel a sleep on the couch waiting to get in. When we saw the Dr. we saw his intern first and he asked all the same questions that we answered before in all their paperwork. They asked us about all the drugs that Bob took and the results and we told them again and again that they were all listed in his file which they had on their lap. I guess we were in bad moods due to the LONG wait. After all was said and done. They told Bob that they didn't know if he could qualify for the experimental phase. They wanted new blood work done and just our luck by the time we got out of the office the lab was closed. So again, more running around for nothing. So after fighting heavy rush hour traffic to get home which took us about 2 1/2 hours. We were beat. Bob went down the next day to get the blood work done. Thankfully his Dr. had no trouble pulling everything that they needed at the last minute. They wanted to results the next day so that when we saw Bob's Dr. again today that they knew what they were going to do. We went down at 1:30 in the afternoon and Bob's Dr. had to call them as they didn't call him yet. We waited for a while then we went to lunch and told them that we would be back and that we were not leaving here again without an answer as to what was going to be going on.So when we got back his Dr. said that there was one treatment in the experimental phase that might help Bob it was a 2 part treatment. He would receive a pill which was 5FU for 2 weeks straight and then one week off. Also with a drug he would get once a week infused. I'm sorry that I can't remember the name of the 2nd drug as it was greek. I will find out though and let you guys know. After they discribed what the drugs would do. The 2nd drug was going to thin his blood and then a red flag went up in my head. I asked him what is going to happen as Bob was already taking blood thinners. He didn't have an answer. So I have to give him all the paperwork when Fox Chase sends it to us so that he can read it and then contact them to see what they want to do. Bob asked him what if they won't do the treatments what then. AS he said to him, " I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet!!!!!" He was very insistant!!!!! It was GREAT to see the fight in him again!!!!

So unfortunately we are still on the fence not knowing which way they are going to go. Bob said on the way home that he felt better about the future now then he did Tuesday night on the way home.

I am sorry that I went on but I wanted to let all of you know what was up. Your prayers are working Please keep them coming!!

I am really glad to let you guys know that they are working on new drugs for all that will need them. Hoping to find a cure for this cancer. I still HATE to say that word!!!!

I will let you know all when I get it!!!!

Thank You All for EVERYTHING!!!!! You all are the best listeners!!!!!I give all of you a GOLD STAR!!!!

Best Wishes To Everyone!!!!

Bob and Sue

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hi bob and sue,
the dr has a plan which is great.
we must try all options that are available to kill this beast.
stay the course
stay positive
glad to here bob is fighting again it means alot.
god bless both of you
all the best
bruce (fedester)

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Hiya Sue and Bob. Hey, know what you mean about waiting. My last lot of tests I was there right on time for a 9am start.They got their act together about 10.45am then I had to go wait again--this went on for about 9hours!!!!In for 15-20 mins then out again, all day. Would not have been so bad except they said it would start at 9am and be over by lunch--ho hum! I did not get away from the hospital until 6pm then still had to come back in 2 weeks to get results they could have told me over the phone--or at least relayed thru my own GP.
Now, I am not one to complain--lol--but you see each trip was a 1 1/2 hour trip from here in the country to the city--3 hours return. Had to do that up to 3 times a week for 3 weeks--almost as good as 5 days per week while doin the chemo.
So, my god--can understand how Bob and you must feel with all the travelling and the waiting to boot!!
We hope they get it all sorted for you guys Sue--it is so tiring and frustrating.
All our luv--kanga n Jen

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