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Lance Bracelets on the way

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Hi everyone!!!! I mailed a bunch off recently and have a few more to send but you should expect them any day now...those of you outside the US, I have no idea how long it will take. I mailed them all priority mail.... Susana and Brenda, your will be mailed shortly!!!!

My children's ones are still on back order but I still have a bunch of adults left. Anyone that missed out the first time and wants them, just send me an email with your postal mailing address and I will get them to you. If I can't share with my special friends here, I have no idea who to share with!!!!


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thanks so much lisa, i'll be looking forward to receiving it.


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hi lisa,
received mine today, thank you so much!!!!!
i really appreciate them. i read your included story and i think that it is great!!!!
loved the pixs of your pets.
you are right when you said if i can;t share with my special friends, then whom can i share with.
we are a special family.
thanks again

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I got mine today Lisa...the kids love them! I have a few ideas about your book concept. I will e-mail them to you...hold onto your hat, once I set my mind to getting a project off the ground, it snowballs into something really big!!!!!

Thanks again,

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Lisa, I received mine today too. Thanks so much. My son took one, I did and my daughter took one and took the youth for her son. My husband said, "where's mine?" LOL. If you have an extra one, I'd appreciate one more, If you don't thats fine. Don't want to be greedy. By the way, your story and pictures of the pets were amazing. I loved it. I want a book when you publish it, with your personal authograph. Never known a writer before. Well, again, thanks alot for the bracelets.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)
PS-I'll send you my address in an email.

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I received my bracelets yesterday. Thank you so very much. I enjoyed your's and scout's letters.

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I don't mean to be dumb but I have to ask. I have been trying to get caught up on all the post but after reading this one I had to ask. What is a Lance bracelet? I was just interested in what was going on.
Bob is hanging in there he has had a couple of good days so far this week. I hope the weather clears up here so he can enjoy the fall before it gets to cold. Have a GREAT day!!!

Best Wishes!!!!

Bob and Sue

Anonymous user (not verified)

Lisa, thank you so very much. Can't wait to get it and wear it. It means a lot to me and mine. Thank you again.

God Bless.


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Hey, Lisa -

I was at the airport today in Denver/New Orleans and I must have seen at least half a dozen of those bracelets. Quite popular.

You've done a good thing by sharing them.

Cheers to you and the "kids"

- SB

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Hi Speedo Boy!!!!!

You have a few on the way too along with the Scout letter. I have some other letters to get to you too. You will understand better when you get your green package in the mail. ENJOY my friend!!!!


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Hi Lisa, thank you so so so much for the bracelets. You are truly a wonderful person and again thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love the pics!


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