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just wanted to say hi...

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i haven't posted in awhile. my mom just finished her 3rd cycle of chemo pills which means 3 cycles to go. she's exhausted! she's been sleeping for 2 days! i know she'll bounce back though. her week off chemo is ironically always her worst.

i may not post but i read every day. im a little down today but realizing that 'me & mom' have come along way since march 2004! this has defianly been the worst year of my life! i pray it gets better - it already has.

stay well,
julie :)

check out my web page - i added a picture of my mom.

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Hi Julie,

It is so good to hear from you and just think, your mom is half way through her treatment.

Thanks for the picture.... you both look great!

Keep us posted on her progress.



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Love the pic of you and your mom. This is a tough time for all, but she will make it through, especially with a wonderful daughter so committed and at her side.

God bless you both and you will remain in my prayers.


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Hiya Jules--hey--yu take after yah mum--she's a good lookin bit o gear!!!!lol
Sorry--yu know 'ol kanga, can't help but pass on some compliments. Hope your mum gets thru the chemo ok---yup--sure is tiring stuff but she will bounce back sweetie. Give her our love from OZ.
luv n huggies, kanga n Jen

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Hi there. your mum and I have gone through this process at a simialr rate. I was diagnosed in Feb and am at teh stage of having had my second cycle of chemo now. Seems to be going okay but like you my wife and I still have times of getting down. However we have noticed a gradual return of a feeling of normality to our lives again that occurs from time to time. This has been incredibly motivating for us as we want nothing more than to be able to get on with our lives again. I hope you are finding the same and take your time to really enjoy those moments. It certainly isn't all the time and the week of chemo and the week after is often hard but we get short periods often in the other weeks when we almost forget the cancer and feel like we are beginning to be able to enjoy things again.

As you say 2004 will be a year that we will gladly say goodbye to (although for us the birth of our son has made our feelings about the year incredibly mixed and confused- the cancer has really tainted our ability to enjoy his arrival like we should be allowed to- something that makes me very angry at times) but we know that with patience it will pass and we all have so much to look forward to.
do keep in touch and let us know how things are going,

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hey, The picture of you and your mom is beautiful. Like I said before, you remind me of me and my daughter. My daughter is still standing by me. She took me to my doctor appt today. I was first diagnosed in May, 2003, so it's been a long journey. Especially, with the reoccurence in January, 2004. We'll all make it. Just hang in there. Tell your mom to just try and keep positive. I'll be praying for you both.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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