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total stomach removal

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has anyone had this done

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There are survivors out there who have had total gastrectomy. I hope you hear from some on this list. Another list to get information is the ACOR list (www.ACOR.org). There is a list on the ACOR site specific for Stomach cancers and there are folk on that list who have experienced total gastrectomy.

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my father went into hospital to have this done. Unfortunately when they opened him up they saw the cancer had spread so there was no point in removing his stomach. However, the surgeon gave us a lot of information. If it is done, the chance of survival are very successful. You cannot eat or drink for a week then they start you on fluids. After a time you can slowly introduce food back into your system. Not many have this done but we were told that those that do are fine and most do not need any further treatment once the stomach has been removed as the cancer has been removed with it. Sometimes they may feel it necessary to remove the spleen but they assured us that is no big deal you can easily live without it. It would just mean taking an anti biotic a day for the rest of your life. Hope this information helps you.

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i have 5years ago my life has not changed and i am back at work

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My mother just had her stomach removed and is having a lot of complications. She is experiencing a lot of the dumping syndrome.
We are trying to control her diet, but it can be really tiring and frustrating.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks!!!


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