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Seeds or laproscopic surgery.

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I am torn between the two procedures. Each seeming to have its own pros and cons. My gleason grade is 6 and psa 5.32. Can I please have some feedback from those who have had either done? Thank you!

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just had part laparo and retro. (i was too fat), but the surgery was long and i am up and around. put up hurricane shutters 2 days after the surgery. still have some healing pains from the surgery, but if i had the choice to do it again, i would opt for the surgery
also, depends on the size of your prostate. mine was 97 grams --- pretty large and rubbing against my bladder the surgery relieved me of that sensation in my abdomen.

contact me if you like


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Check on the side effects of both as the latest reports it appears both have about the same cure rate. Everyones case is so different. Husband had a psa of 60 and had radiation over a year ago and psa is very very low and no adverse side effects. Take your time and study every treatment. Might even want to wait awhile before you do anything, a lot depends on your age.

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Good morning doodles61. Linda is correct, everyone is different and reactions to the treatments may not be the same.

I elected to have the surgery and I had similar readings to what yours are. My thoughts were that I wanted to get rid of the cancerous organ and not have to worry about it. The real key here is whether or not the cancer is contained or if it may have escaped. Also, the skill of the surgeon, your age, physical characteristics, etc should be considered.

I am a 3 1/2 yr survivor of a conventional (nerve-sparing)RP performed in Nashville and have NO adverse side-effects. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.


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Why are you torn between ONLY these two procedures? Is it the only two that are available, your doctor is trained for and is it best for your situtation or:
1. is your present physician only trained to do one procedure? Bottom line -- how did you arrive at only these two options????
2. to often we hear our fellow members deciding on only what is available from their personal physician because that is all he is trained to do. Are they the best thing for you?
3. I had seed implant and other members of our group have had all of the others so you can tap a wealth of experience BUT,
4. ..... you must make the final educated decision.
Let us know what information you would like. My concern is that you may not have had exposure to other treatment options and which would best attack your cancer.
Best Regards,

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I had laparscopic surgery by Arnon Krongrad in Fl. Aug 24th, 04. 0 pain, one day in hospital, drive on day 3 back to dental work 3 weeks; a little wet,. Highly recommend this smooth proecedure and the doctor. Contact me at braneburt@comcast.net. Usual incontinnce and no erections but great procedure.

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My Gleason was 6 and my PSA 13.6. I just had Radical Prosatectomy. My understanding is that seeds may work to cure you but removal absolutely works if your doctors are sure that it is contained completely within your prostate. If you want certainly and are willing to risk continence and erectile functions, sugery is a better long term decision. Seeds may not hamper your continence or erectile function but you may not live as long. I decided to take the risks of surgery since I have small children and want to be here for them. That is more important than the other risks. Some, maybe you, would rather take chances with your long term survival and keep your peripheral quality of life and one can respect that. Keep in mind that laproscopic is merely a spin off of radical prostatectomy where the surgical proceedure is less evasive. Keep in mind that if your willing to have a slightly longer healing time, the surgeon has a better chance of achieving his goals if he can see clearly what it is he is doing. Do you want the doctor to see the best he can while performing the operation or look through "straws" and cameras in a laproscopic proceedure.

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My name is Dana and I am an Online Community Specialist with the Cancer Survivors Network. I just wanted to drop in with a reminder regarding treatment decisions. Please keep in mind that the risk of side effects can vary for any given treatment from one individual to another based on their unique circumstances. I encourage anyone when making treatment decisions to dicuss their options with their doctor or doctors about all the risks and benefits involved. You may also want to contact our National Cancer Information Center where Cancer Information Specialists are able to discuss and present treatment options by stage of the cancer, along with potential side effects. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-227-2345.

I hope you have found this information helpful.

All the best,

CSN Dana

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I'm 62, was Gleason-6, PSA-3.6, stage-t2a; had robotic on 11/22/04. Two decision points for me were:1. If procedure fails, its a lot easier to patch surgery with radiation than vice-versa. 2. After radiation, impotence & incontinence often get worse with time; after surgery, they get better.
No bowel problems with surgery.
The pain of surgery is irrelevant; the issue is quality and length of life over decades; a week of discomfort, soon forgotten, is nothing.

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12/02/04 - age 58, Gleason 6, T2a, PSA 8. Selected RP over LPR and others. Oncologist did both RP & LP. Wanted Dr to feel and remove lymphs which was more difficult with LP. Turns out my anatomy was not ideal for LP. Decided against radiation, seeds mainly because of the fact radiation can destroy good and bad tissue around cancer. Dr does not recommend surgery if required after radiation.

RP Revovery well underway - day 2 & 3 nauseating reaction from painkiller & antibiotic (dramamine resolved it beautifully). End of second week of recovery, catheter out - little leakage. Dr tells me he did not have to touch two main nerves - we'll see. Feel great - can now chip, putt and drive a car. ....and dance at my grandchildrens wedding!!

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Congratulations haudale,

It sounds really positive that you do not have any leakage and that the Dr was able to avoid some nerves. I am a 4 yr survivor of a RP and all functions have returned.

Please keep us posted on your progress.


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