Groin Pain

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Hi all, hope this message finds everyone in good spirits. Well, as you may or may not know, Scott is done with chemo. He had been hospitalized for one night last week with an infection, but they will be removing his port next week, so we're hoping the infection does not come back.

Now, he is experiencing pain in his groin area. He thinks it may be a hernia. Since he needs to see our PCP for pre-surgery checkup, he will mention it to him. Has anyone else had this happen? I mean, could it be something other than a hernia (here I go again getting ahead of myself in the worry dept).

I had mentioned in one of my replies last week that my boss has melanoma. Well he had the surgery done (they had to remove bottom portion of ear and 5 lymph nodes), and now he is awaiting the results of the biospy. We are all praying it has not spread. All you prayers will be appreciated.

Linda (Baltimore)