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Now why did I start a new thread?-mmm--simple--because in this world there are some very strong people, you included, and to start something new is like a new lease on life.
Kanga is going to send you his special "rainbow".
Remember the love at the end of it? Well that love has a special meaning for all of us but in my mind and my heart there is another special reason for my rainbows---my mother(died of brain tumour), father(heart failure) are both there with open arms, passing all the love on in this world to your friend!
She is not alone--take comfort.
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen


  • jana11
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    Thank you. I picture your home as a happy ending sort of wizard of oz with rainbows and beautiful colors everywhere.
  • scouty
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    With a few shiny motorcycles that are all color coordinated!!!!!!
  • Kanort
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    Hi Jana,

    Hopefully, you are feeling better by the now. During my treatment, I lost several chemo friends. I feel your pain.

    Thinking of you,