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Did anyone feel any symptoms prior do theri diagnosis?

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Im a 20 year old male currently attending school. Lately I've feel just unhealthy. Like my body is trying to tell me something. I went to a natural path since it was a lot easier to get an appointment and right away he told me lymphs nodes were swollen. I have a doctors appointment this week. I feel a slight pain in my throat when I swallow and sometime feel fatigued for no reason. Ive had a lump on my thyroid since I was little but dont recall having it checked out. I began doing research on the symptoms Ive been feeling and keep coming across thyroid cancer. Im posting to try and get more input on the symptoms people felt or feel. Details would be appreciated as it would make it easier for me to compare. Recently Ive also had these lumps show up in my armpits and they kind of hurt. Has anyone had something similar? Also if I dont talk for a while when i go to speak again my voice is either cracky or in weird tone. Also I seem to have bronchitis or something similar lately. Im just wondering if others have felt these symptoms?

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Hi onemind!I've been a thyroid cancer for 16yrs already and I found out when I was 18yrs old.Before I got pregnant I felt fine,but as soon as I got pregnant I got a lump on my right side of my neck it didn't bother me at all.But after I had a biopsy it started to hurt and finally the dr decided to do the surgery just to take out the cyst that was bothering.But when they looked at my thyroid I had a tumor that came back as papillary carcinoma of the thyroid(cancer of the thyroid). So after I had my baby I went for a scan and RAI treatment.The lymph nodes that you have swollen I've had them unde my arms and they feel like boil. All I can tell you is wait till you go see your dr and he will send you to do some thyroid blood test(T3,T4,T7 and TSH) and a sonogram of the thyroid bed area and after you have everything done then the dr can tell u what u have.Don't worry until you have a reason to.Last year I had another RAI treatment and I felt fine for 5yrs.I would like it if you let me know how everything turns out. You can write to me at caburtonpr@yahoo.com
Take care and God bless

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