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mother's 4th cancer

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I am so scared as my 80 year-old Mom has been diagnosed with a tumor on her temple that is malignant. We live in Michigan so she has been sent to University of MI hospital for removal. This type of cancer has roots, so they are utilizing a microscopic surgery as well as a plastic surgeon. The microscope will ensure all the roots are removed. Has anyone had this? I guess it can be disfiguring, and my mom is scared that she will be permanently scarred. I laughed to myself about this; after all, she IS 80. My best friend humbled me when she said "but, she's still a woman!" So true. She has survived Hodgkin's Disease, breast cancer and uterine cancer. Now this. Any advice? I'd love to cheer her up; she's my hero.

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wow,...tell mom she is an inspiration. I struggle with the scarring from all my surgeries too. What a shallow world we live in, huh? I prayed that my last surgery would make me a new man,...and I can tell you, I dont recognize myself anymore. Not just the scars on my back and the patchwork quilt on my abdominal area,..but my mind. The person is NOT the body, and yet we fight so hard to believe it is. My scars I hide under my shirt, but still I cringe. (Sigh!) Just kiss her temple and keep doing it after the surgery,...and tell her she has a fan club. Brian in PA

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