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My mom's surgery

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My mom's surgery was today. It turned out better than we thought it would. Her gyn/onc said that she did have a cancerous tumor on her ovary but he did not see any evidence of any disease anywhere else. He also said that she did not have any fluid in her abdomen and we were told by her gynecologist that she did. He said that two of her pelvic lymph nodes were firmer than he liked to see but that was it. He removed all of the nodes. He removed her appendix and took random biopsies. She will have chemo but we are now waiting to see what kind of cancer the ovarian tumor was. We are just so relieved that he only found one tumor and no visible evidence of spreading. He did not give us a stage yet. This discussion group's words were with me the entire time in the waiting room. Thank you for giving me the information you did. It helped me keep my insanity. You were all so right about the importance of a gyn/onc. My mom's regular doctor and ob/gyn were so sure that there was ovarian cancer that was probably stage 3 or 4 because of the fluid in her abdomen. Her gyn/onc said from the beginning that they didn't know anything until theY got inside. They were the ones who said they were optimistic after examining her and her CT, x-ray and ultrasound. The others practically had her written off! Anyone new reading this...Please only allow a gynecology oncologist to care for you if cancer is suspected!!! I'm sure that I will have so many questions soon regarding the chemo, but for tonight I'm going to sleep!

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Praise the Lord for the good news you recieved. Your mom still has a long road ahead of her, recovery from surgery, chemo, on going check ups, and probably will go through some depression. But for the cancer to not have mestatized to other organs is a blessing.

Take care and stay strong. Keeping you both in prayer


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Oh, this is such good news, absolutely good when you have to anticipate ovarian cancer! Thank you for letting us know, and let us know what stage it's given. I'm glad you came into the board to us, and are there to support your mom. Family support is so welcome!

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My mom was told her cancer is stage 2B. They said that both ovaries had been affected but all her other biopsies came back negative. She is going to start chemotherapy next week. Any insight on what this next step will be like? She is having a treatment once a month for 8 months. Thank you.

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