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Well, I went to the urologist about the bleeding in my cath on Wednesday. He used a scope and looked. Said he seen no tumors(which of course I was worried about). He said there is still a lot of irritation from the radiation that I took. He said that was causing the bleeding. He also said that since I'm on Coumadin for the blood clots that I have, that is probably making the bleeding worse. He said it's nothing to worry about. He also said that he's not going to try and remove the cathether until the first of the year. Yuk!!!!! I hate it more than I do the colostomy. Anyhow, I also went for my mammagram that same day. Don't know the results of it yet. They've been watching a "spot" in my right breast. It was really fun having a mammogram with a port in. Ouch!!!! Also, my chemo doctor changed my appt from Oct 14th to Nov 4th, so I won't know about more chemo for a while yet. The doctor said that he didn't send me to the oncologist sooner because I couldn't have taken it anyhow, with being as sick as I had been. Well, that's about it. Sorry so long. What do you guys think??? Will this nightmare ever end????
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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The sun'll come out, tomorrow - bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun.

Hang tough, Judy. We're all behind you (so please control the flatulance if you will)...

- Sponge

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Judy, sweetie--now listen here-I just got thru tellin Nettie kanga was gunna come over n belt her one for havin negative thoughts. You guys are gunna ruin my bank account if ah have ta do that!!!! I say the chemo can wait sweetie--you need a rest for a spell. Now be cool and know that the kanga n Jen are sending our best to yah!!!!
huggs kanga n Jen
Oh--by the way--Jen's goin for a "boob squeeze" soon as I "get her to get off her butt n make an appointment!"-------you be good now , hear!

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