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Please help! My friend was recently treated for throat cancer stage 4. He finished tx on July 16. After having the scope down his throat, the doc said he sees no evidence of cancer. Will have his feeding tube removed on Monday and pet scan in one month. The problem is ever since he started eating solid foods again, he has had the diarrhea. I don't think head & neck cancers spread to the colon do they? Or does this sound like a second cancer unrelated to the first. He has no blood with bms, just diarrhea. He drinks tons of water because of dry mouth but i don't think that would be the problem. Please help! Anyone know?

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Throat cancer does not classically spread to the bowel although anything in possible. However as far as causes of persistent diarrhoea go cancer is an uncommon cause. There are far more likely explanations to his problem than another cancer eg bowel infection, inflammatory illnesses of the bowel, a readjustment after not having solid foods for a period or side effects of medications including any chemo he had. It would be best for him to discuss it through with his oncologist or surgeon and get it sorted. It does mean that he probably isn't absorbing his food as well as he should and he probably needs the nutrients in his recovery so it worthwhile getting it dealt with asap.
Hope this is helpful- the otehr thing to try is a post on the throat cancer pages as others may have had simialr experience.

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Thank you so much for your quick reply, I have been worried. When he spoke to his radiologist, he said the same thing about his diet and not having solids for so long.But it is lasting a little longer than I would think for that reason.He will see his oncologist soon for a pet scan so hopefully they will discuss it. Thank you again!

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