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Funny? I think so.

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Only we, semi-colon's, could think this funny.

I've been having some muscle soreness for 3 weeks now. I do martial arts ( taekwondo) and have been going to a class a week here and there. Had my surgery in June, so I am taking really, really slow.

Any-hoo, I went about 3 weeks ago. Did more than usual and got sore. Mostly my legs, hips and butt. ( TKD is almost all kicking)

Well, it doesn't go away. Trying to think what might be causing this contiuous muscle soreness.

Then it came to me. The exact spot(s) that is sore is the outer edges of my, excuse me, rear end.

You guessed it, exactly were my can hits the seat! ( toilet that is!)

Time to hit Home Depot and spring for one of those nice soft seats! :)

Have a nice day.

Barb - who can't believe she's telling butt jokes!!

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Hi Barb, hope you find a nice cushy for your tushy (lol). I know what ya mean about thinking things are funny, where others may not share in the humor. Scott & I have this ongoing saying. When either one of us do something stupid, we say "ok chemo brain". My mom-in-law DOES NOT find this amusing, but we crack up! (btw NO MORE CHEMO FOR SCOTT...HE'S DONE!!)

On a not so amusing note, just found out yesterday that my boss has melanoma. He had a "pimple" on his ear for quite a while. It started to bleed about 3 weeks ago so he had it checked out and "boom"...cancerous. He is having surgery tomorrow to have the bottom portion of his ear removed and they will reconstruct a new ear (or partial ear). Then they will remove some lymph nodes and see if it spread (lets pray it hasn't). Then off for scans.

It seems since Scott was dx in Feb, all I hear are other cases of cancer. Six people that I know since then have been dx. I knew when I got older, I would hear of friends and family getting sick, but I didn't think it would happen this soon. I'll only be 40 next month :-{

Well, hope everyone is well and let's say a prayer for my boss tomorrow. Thanks all!

Linda (Baltimore)

ps. I am working on creating a website. Can put a face with a name.

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Hiya Barb--hey nothin wrong with a "chuckle" or two---somethins gotta brighten up our day!
I fear I might be steppin over tha line here with my little story--but--hell--what the heck--yu all just gotta be broadminded. ERRR--just don't let on to Jen I told yu this.
Before my sugery I was told they were working pretty close to my nerves that control an erection and there was a 5% chance I might become impotent. Sheeeeeeesh!!!!--that was hard to swallow. I was told no sex for at least 8 weeks!
Who they kiddin???
Knowing that "it" might not stand up I pestered Jen after about 3 weeks that a man's potency needed to be tested----"who yu kiddin she said?". I told her I NEEDED to know!
So, without going into details(yu don't wanna know!) we started to do what comes naturally. Let metell yu it hurt so much I was not only in tears , we also both laughed so much that the act was never completed--BUT--my fears were allayed--my manhood was intact!
It was at least 3 weeks before I tried that again!
Geez--was I in pain--more from the laughing, it was the funniest night we have had for years!
I think I would have preferred the sore butt Barb!--lol
kanga n Jen
oh, oh--here she comes--better post this b4 she reads it--he he!

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I guess you could say your toilet seat is a pain in the butt!

Sorry... didn't mean to make you the BUTT of a joke.

Butt seriously....

Too funny, Barb!

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