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Are there any treatments available pst radiation therapy

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my father is in his 2nd week of radaiton, he has already done 1 cycle of temador. My father has an extremely rare G 4 tumor which is a bleeding tumor, Dr Cloughsey his docotor who is one of the leading oncologists in the natoin and experts on G4's said he hasn't seen one in 10 years. this in a way is a benefit becuase the bleeding led to strokes which led to early detection.

Can anyone suggest any treatment my father can undergo after radiation is done? His attidude is deteriorating as he nears the end of his radiation since he sort of gets the feeling that hes done all that can be done.

Please , any suggestions would be appreciated with the utmost gratitude.

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Hi Love.
I have stage 4 Glio Blastoma,which isbrain cancer. I wa dx in July 2003, and given 12 months ti live. But here Im, and plan on staying awhile longer. I went thhrough the 6wks of rads along with chemo (temador). my stumor was stable from Dec to July. Now, that is really good. To keep a Glio stable. Tell your Dad to hang in there. Remember, if the Dr's tell you a time frame, those are only numbers, and at best averages. Kepp the attitude High... And Praise God for you have. All your Dad needs is for you to be there when you can.

I hope this helps
God Bless

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Ask your doctor about a gamma knife nonsurgical procedure I had it done after my surgery and found it very helpful also ask for a pet scan this x-ray call tell you alot God Bless you both and keep good thoughts

do research
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Dear lovemyfather,

Please look into the possibility of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for treatment of post full brain radiation therapy (FBRT).  I'm new at this and have only scratched the surface in my search for a treatment to counter the after effects of full brain radiation.  My 50 yr old wife of 28 years survived the removal of a 3cm (roughly golfball size) tumor from frontal lobe with no noticable negative effects only to have intelligence reduced many points by FBRT.  Logic, reasoning, drive, energy, her whole thought process is different.  Not just different in the sense of personality and intelligence but also her basic belief system is different.  She is no longer who she was.  Because it's the brain, these effects may be permanent.  You should decide before FBRT if that possibility is acceptable to you or your love one.  So far, my research into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments for FBRT indicates treatment need not be immediately following FBRT.  But I'm still researching.  I get the feeling the longer you wait the less effective.  Still, not sure.

She was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma on Aug 23, 2013 after biopsy of 3cm tumor that was removed from frontal lobe.  Surgery went great.  Dr said "got it all".  Four weeks later oncologist told us she had 2 to 12 months to live and insisted on begining radiation therapy before even looking at the other 5 tumors.  He wanted to make sure any 'loose' cancer cells were destroyed.  I immediately started research on brain radiation.  Scared the hell out of me.  When we first counseled with rad oncologist I was told they would use Image Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) in an effort to focus the radiation on the area that used to surround the tumor.  Their reasoning was to kill any remaining cancer cells at that location without damaging surrounding brain cells.  I was OK with that.  Later, before treatment started, they changed their mind and decided to use FBRT.  I never really got a reasonable explaination.  However, since stage IV melanoma is systemic, that is to say, it is in the blood and therefore is already traveling to other organs and all parts of the body, how will irradiating the whole brain help, in any way, to treat the disease?  It just doesn't add up.  And, if the brain is damaged how can it give the proper commands to the rest of the body?? And your thoughts dictate your desire to live, fight adversity, reason.  Not good to be functioning at less than full capacity during this kind of adversity!

At that point I didn't know as much about FBRT as I do now.  In our case FBRT was, in my opinion, NOT the way to go.  Your case may be different for a number of reasons.

Two weeks after FBRT she started and completed YERVOY (an immune enhancer) infusions.  Four sessions at three week intervals.  She was not compatable with BRAF or any Chemo.  After the Yervoy treatments there was no other treatment available according to mainstream medicine.

HBOT may help us.  Jury still out.  Tomorrow I see the HBOT center near by.  I'm optimistic but cautious.  Stage IV melanoma survival rates are not good by any measure of mainstream medicine or holistic, CAM or natural approach.  If, and I mean 'IF' she connot recover from this disease I don't want her to suffer the humiliation of lost cognizance just because they unnecessarily irradiated her brain when they know FBRT cannot stop the progression. 

Oh, by the way, of the 6 tumors originally found only one is still there and it has shrunk.  (Probably because of the combination of Yervoy, alternative medicines and, of course, the God factor)  I am thankful for the dedication of those who have treated my wife.  I am thankful for those who have been faithfully praying for my wife.  (there are many)  Ultimately, I choose to thank God for her improvement.  Without His blessing no treatment will work.  The only symptoms she has now are the effects of FBRT.  I'm hoping and praying God will intedrcede.

Look, I have rambled on and really haven't put this into print before.  I apologize for the length.  Hope it will help someone.  Also I would love to hear from anyone about information on HBOT as it relates to FBRT.  Is there any other way to repair a radiation damaged brain?


do research


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