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Post-hysterectomy bleeding from incision

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A friend of mine had a radical hysterectomy a month ago (for uterine & cervical cancer), and her incision is still bleeding. Have other people had the same experience? If so, how long did it last? What made it better or worse?

I had a rad. hyst. over a year ago & didn't have this problem, but I had two drains with bulbs on the end that I had to drain regularly. Once they voluntarily drained, all over the place, while I was sitting in a waiting room - talk about loss of dignity.


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Oh, your draining situation reminds me of the many times I had trouble with seemingly endless menstrual flow! I am SO glad to be done with that...

Back to your question. I had some trouble with my incision not wanting to heal up right away, and once the staples were removed I had to take care of the gaps in my incision that were open. It was not very nice to do, but it didn't hurt. I can't remember how long I had any bleeding - it was a while, though, and draining after it was gone. It was important to keep it clean and try not to reopen what had closed. I was shown how to pack it with iodine gauze to help healing.

I hope this helps. Has she had it checked since the hysterectomy? I was on blood thinners, too, so I was monitored carefully.

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