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mouth sores

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My dad just got done his second round of chemo with 10 more to go, and besides a bit of diarrhea, nausea and now mouth sores, so far so good. Does anyone out there know of anything he could use to make the mouth sores go away or at least a bit more bearable.

Thanks again guys,


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Hi Susana. Hope your dad and you are doing well.
I was told to use Biotene. This is a mouthwash that has a antibacterial formula that is supposed to boost the defense system in your saliva.

Any drug store should carry it. I use it when on my 5FU. So far no mouth sores.

I have heard that sucking on ice chips works, too. It provides relief and reduces the blood flow to the sores.

Also, try to avoid highly acidic foods and juices. Tomatoes, Oranges or Grapefruits.

Salty or spicy foods might cause a burning sensation.

Rough course or dry foods such as raw veggies, granola, or toast may be irritating.

Cigartettes and alchol can irritate and dry the mucous membranes.

Try to eat foods and drinks that are cold or room temp.

Hope that helps.


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My dad got a prescription for a special mouthwash from his oncologist. I'm not sure what the name of it is but it has maalox, benadryl and a few other ingredients in it. He said it works very well.

Good Luck,

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Susana: They may have something new now, but this is what they gave me four years ago:

OraKote-oral mucositis/stomatitis rinse/Carrington Labs 1800-358-5205

Chlorhexidine Gluconate (Rx) mouth rinse.


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Hi Susanna, I used the stuff that my onc prescribed as "Supermouthwash", sounds like what Deneen's dad used, with, I believe, an antibiotic thrown in, too. FYI,the sores in my mouth were not as bad for me as the splits in the corners of my mouth. A dermatologist friend was visiting, and diagnosed it as a superimposed fungal infection, prescribed an antifungal mouth ointment, and the teeny-est dab cleared them up after weeks of shooting pain every time I opened my mouth! Hope your dad finds something that helps, its amazing how uncomfortable it can be! Regards, Judy

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Hi Susana, Bert didn't get mouth sores but was told to use Biotene if he did. I went ahead an bought it just in case, over the counter at the drug store. He never used it (thank goodness) but I did when I burned the inside of my mouth (real bad) on a too hot cup of coffee. Man did that hurt and boy did the Biotene work :D


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Hi Susana -

Iused Zilactin toothache and mouth sore swabs. The contain antibiotic and a numbing agent (benzocaine). Chew ice when the push the bolus, it will reduce the bloodflow and helps cut down on the incidence of of sores.

You can get the swabs over the counter at any WalMart or drug store.

Be well

- Bob

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WOW! There are so many other things on the market since I had chemo. But the Zilactin worked great for me. It coated the sore while healing it, so that enabled me to at least eat a meal before I had to apply it again.
Take care!

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