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P.S. on my previous note

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I forgot to mention in the note I just posted that my parents actually came up from the Jersey Shore to the Boston area (where I live) to stay with me for a few days and drove me to the court hearing. I also had a few friends who had volunteered as well. I did go into the courthouse alone though (with my lawyer).

Oh, this is kinda funny, I made a grand entrance when my hepatic artery pump set off the alarm as I went through security. I was always prepared for that at the airport, but I completely forgot about it at the courthouse.

Anyway, thanks again for the kind words you all offered. It means a lot to me.

Wishing you all well, Linda

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Hi Linda,

I am glad it went as well as it did.....you sound so much better now at least the worst part is over. It is great that your parents accompanied you to the court house. Even though you have to go back, you already feel the judge's compassion so you will be more confident next time. I think your grand entrance worked in your favour....like "Take that....I am here!!" Good luck with your treatment

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Hi Linda,

Hang in there. We are all there with you in spirit and prayers. You have been through some really tough times. You sound like a fighter and you'll make it physically and emotionally. Let us know how you are doing.


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Hi Linda,

I thought about you all day on the Friday of your court date. It is so good to hear you sounding positive and that things went your way.

Please keep us posted and remember your friends here are pulling for you.



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