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Thanks SpongeBob, Kay, Judy,et al

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Just read the postings from over a week ago and wanted to say thanks to everyone who wished me well during my court hearing. It went better than I had expected, but it took so much out of me and it's not over yet and we have to go back in a month. Fortunately, the judge seems sympathetic to my circumstances. I'm feeling pretty well now--on Erbitux, Avastin, and Xeloda and will have another scan in about a month to see if surgery or radiation might be an option. The good news is that supraclavicular node is getting smaller.


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Hi Linda, Good for you; I hope the judge is sympathetic, what an ordeal you're going through. Great news about your node, hang in there. Judy

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Linda -

Good to hear. Hopefully the Judge will look out for you and also I hope your situation is resolved quickly. Mine drug out for years - she delayed at every juncture.

Hang in there - thnigs are starting to look up for you!

- SpongeBOB

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