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Liver Advice

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Thank you one and all for your exellent liver advice. Thanks to this, I'm gonna feed the liver to the dogs and take a supplement. Bud

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Struth Bud--good thing I didn't wake Jen from dreamworld this morning to find out her recipe for "lamb's fry--liver". After seeing as how the guys here canned the idea of eating liver I coulda got killed waking her to tell you bout this fine food--he he!
Ok--so yu are gunna feed it to tha bloodhounds! Course I could still give yu the recipe if you like?????huh? huh?--tastes bloody marvelous if cooked properly--mmmmmm---nah--didn't think yu would want it. Oh well--"sigh!"
"kanga hops orf into the corner"

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thanks Kanga, but Emily would never forgive me..

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Your message made me laugh out loud. Thank you. I am not used to pills that have no nasty side effects, but I too am learning.

Lisa P.

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