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Cooking Liver (Ugh!)

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Anybody have any tasty-(NOT) recipes for cooking liver? I'm trying to build my blood back, but can't even look at that stuff, let alone cook it.. Bud

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The best liver I ever ate was made into chili. You cook the liver and make a big pot of chili with it.
If you're real adventurous you can freeze small chunks of it and eat it frozen (well at least swallow it frozen.)
Good luck

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Oh come on, Nanuk!

You'll eat raw whale blubber but you don't do liver? Pu-leeez!

Broiled with sauteed onions... awesome. Nectar of the gods.

Or you can bread and fry it like chicken livers with a white country gravy. And if you still can't stomach it, I'm sure the girls will help you eat it all up.

Or just break-down and take a Procrit shot.

Let me know when you cook it up, I'll bring the vino.

- SpongeBob

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just make sure it is organic liver. any organ meats should be as pure as can be since that is where the toxins gather and you surely don;t want to eat chicken or beef toxins.....or any mad cow....or crazy chicken.....

So of course I have a list of alternative blood tonifying foods:

hijiki seaweed
wheat grass
spirulina & other chlorophyll rich foods
dark grapes
dang gui root (herb)
rehmannia root (herb)
peony root(herb) best if taken together

yellow dock
Mochi (sweet rice)

This is besides the liver which is also listed on my chinese med list but they advise only organic too

reminds me of Johnny give me back my liver ghost story....

peace, emily who will skip the liver and onions and take the seaweed haha

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You might also consider liver tablets. If you need a referral to a good one, let me know. These particular tables also have 2 grams of protein. And the liver is an extract, not the three common types of liver supplments (which your body usually can't utilize). So, give a holler if you want info.
Good luck!

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Hiya Bud--hey--give me a day to get a recipe to yah mate. Jen is asleep at the moment as we just got back from a 1,000 klm. trip.((she's snorin her head off!!)
Jen has a great recipe for liver. It is lamb liver--we call it "lamb's fry" in oz. It involves a little preparation and uses onions in the dish--can you eat well cooked omions? We also put mushrooms in it--personal choice tho. The way we cook it takes the edge off the flavour 'cos liver is quite a strong taste, but is supposed to be very good for you. I will try and post the recipe tonight, so keep watchin mate--think you will enjoy it.
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Oh how awful!! Liver is not the best way to build your blood up. Here is my recipes. Lots of dark green vegetables, it is good to drink fresh juice,(carrot , beet, apple and toss in green vegie) B-12 injection every month, and the best iron pill you can find. This is much better than LIVER.
Good Luck

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Liver???? Oh, my gosh!! I'll take those big 'ol iron pills any day........... No liver recipes from Texas - sorry. How about a great filet?

take care Bud.


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