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Don't worry

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Hi all, hope you're well. I have bled all day today. Since 7am this morning in fact and it's now almost 1030pm and I'm still bleeding. Urologists office still insists it's just because of urinary tract infection. I'm getting really frustrated. Then on top of that, I have diarehea really bad. I am so exhausted from all this. One good thing though, I got a new car today!!! Yippee!! New PT Cruiser. I love it. Opened the sun roof and put the windows down and almost felt normal again. Also, I am having major computer problems. We had a power outage today, so I don't know if it did something to my computer. Everything, print and all, is really small and I can't get it back to normal. So.....if I'm not on for a few days trying to fix this #$%@&*# thing, don't worry. I'm ok.
Love ya all,

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hi judy,
sorry you are still bleeding.congrats on the new car, good luck with it. hope everything works out for you(the bleeding and computer problems) keep in touch with us.
all the best

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Judy you are my hero!

I am amazed at your "bounce back" attitude, and hope that everyone sees your spunk the way I do. You are constantly finding the brighter side of things, and that is wonderful!

Now enjoy that car, and each beautiful day that comes!!!!!!!!


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Judy -

You make me wanna sing:

"Here's a little song I wrote; you might want to seeng it note for note; don't worry... beeeeee happy!"

Have you considered changing docs or at least getting a second opinion? be sure to eat some #$%^ liver for dinner to replace all of those red blood cells!

Have a wonderful weekend. keeping you in my prayers, Judy

- Sponge

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