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Hi all, hope this message finds everyone in good spirits. I'm not having a good day today. Scott is in the hospital. He had a fever of 103 yesterday morn and onc nurse said to bring him right in. Well they hooked him up to antibiotics and he started shaking uncontrollably. He said he was so cold and his back, neck and legs hurt. They gave him a shot of demoral (sp?) and the shaking stopped. They admitted him in the hospital for 2 days to administer more antibiotics. They said he may have an infection due to the port. Then I spoke to him just a few minutes ago and he said his bp was slowly dropping through the night.

Is anyone familiar with this? His onc says it takes 48 hours for cultures to come back. They have him on a liquid diet for now. We would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks all for your support and prayers.

Linda (Baltimore)

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Hi Linda:

Back in October 2003, Bert had a very similar experience. It had been coming on for a couple of days, but he chose to ignore it. On a Monday morning, we ended up in the hospital when Bert's fever reached 103. He shook, rattled, and rolled (no Sponge...no Jerry Lee Lewis here) and I truly thought I was going to loose him. It turned out to be a colon infection brought on by the very high, high dose of 5fu/leuc that he was receiving at that time. Antibiotics didn't kick in fully until about three days and it was uphill from there. Bert went on to finish the 5fu/leuc regime and then in January, we switched oncologist and he completed another six months of 5fu/leuc/oxil with no further complications (attributable for the most part to the very smart and compassionate new onc who administered the chemo in a manner much more tolerable to Bert).

I totally relate to the anxiety that you are going through right now...no pun intended, but been there, done that!!! You've done the right thing by taking him to the hospital and I'm sure that they will get to the root of the problem and treat Scott accordingly.

In the mean time, here's a big hug for you ((())))


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Goodness gracious GREAT BALLS O' FAHR!

Linda - you hang in there. Funny thing about chemo - you kill yourself in order to kill the cancer. This sort of thing happens a lot.

Keeping you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Hope this email finds your Scott better today. Bobby had a similar experience while undergoing radiation and chemo. In intensive care with high fever, terrible pains and shakes. Turned out to be a perferated bowel. Hope Scott doesn't have anything that serious. Will keep you close in my prayers.

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