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well it wasnt all that bad and it wasnt all that good. my first chemo appt that is. the area aound the port was so swollen the nurse had to really mash and poke me..she did deaden the area..but it still hurt. i only cried for a mere 20 min.. i cant beleive it took so long to get the iv started.. i went home with a pump to wear all nite that was weird.. couldnt sleep kept thinking i would jerk the pump out. thinks i should change myname to CHEMO SOBBING .. but i can do this.. ijust keep telling myself that.. i told the nurse hey cant you just give me something to knock me out.. i dont even care if you molest me while i am out...hell it might cheer me up..she told me i needed to start going to church.. lol..lol..thanks again for all the kind words and good advice.. every step i feel a little stronger.. and you all help sooo much with that.. peace and my prayers to you each nite.. even if i am a heathen ..heh heh.. God stil loves trouble makers.. my grandma told me...

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Hi Ramona. Glad to hear you didn't have too bad a time of it. Sorry about the port pain. I had my port in for a week or so before my first treatment, so it wasn't too bad. Still stings like a mother when they insert the needle. ( it's the alcohol they swab on the area!) Still a very cool and useful invention!!

Wearing that pack IS a strange thing. I had mine on for 7 days a week for 6 weeks( prior to surgery). You'll get used to it. I never pulled it out or kinked it up.

Love the church joke! ( have to admit, it took me a minute to get it)

Hang tough. You'll do great!!!


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Ahoy, Ramona -

Glad to hear you made it through your first chemo treatment. I didn't get a port - I was in denial and just knew that if I got one of those things put in me I would be admitting that I was really sick. So, instead, I endured 60-90 minutes each week while they tried to get a vein. That 60-90 minutes was not the hot towels and smacking my arm part, that 60-90 minutes was the actual needle is in there searching for a blood return to indicate they'd finally hit a vein. And to think back when I could give blood the nurses always complemented me on what nice veins I had.

Oh well.

You hang tough. Remember, if you're going through hell - keep going!

best regards

- SpongeBob

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