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Changing treatments

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Just got back from the oncologist office. The doc wasn't in, but I spoke to the nurse. I'll be going back into the hospital to speak with the doc tomorrow afternoon.

My hubby and I decided to go off the oxy/leuk/5FU treatment. It was a tough decision and I hope the right one. Please keep me in your prayers on that one.

Looks like I'll be doing the 5FU once a week for 6 weeks then 2 weeks off. 6 cycles in all.

Lots of soul searching went into this decision. Of course the doubts linger, but I must have faith that I did the right thing.

Thank you all for your input.

Hope everyone is doing well today.


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Hi Barb, I promise to keep you on my prayer list. This must have been a hard decision; hope you feel better with this regimen. Judy

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Barb, you will both be in my prayers and remember, once a decision is made, run with it and always know that you made the right choice at the time....keep thinking positive, keep us posted, and stay well.


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Barb--I agree with Judy and Monika. I think you have to go with your heart sweetie--you have made a decision that in your own mind will be beneficial. If you believe in that decision then the good things will follow.
Just look at Emily--her decision to not do chemo must have been very hard--yet today she is a wealth of inspiration to all of us.
luv n huggs --kanga n Jen

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Hi Barb. These decisions are so hard. You have my full support. You are in my prayers. Best wishes,

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I am so proud of you. One of the things I have learned from this forum is that us cancer patients must take ownership of our treatment plan, no matter what that entails. Chemo affects everyone so different and it seems like one of the drugs you were getting was kicking your butt. Your decision was a solid one for all the right reasons.

Keep the faith and that juicer flowing!!!!

Lisa P.

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keeping you in my prayers..

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I agree you have to do what you feel is right for you, I have been on a few different treatments in the past 2 years and feel it is not working for me, and against my Doctors wishes I have decided NOT to continue on that path but go to a different method which is what I was about to do 2 years ago,before I went for yet another opinion,after a couple of surgeries, and 2 years without any chemo. Well I have tried what the doctor had for me Oxal,avestin,5fu,and one I can not even remember the name of.and different combinations, and things are not getting any better,any more combinations and it just makes me weaker and sicker. I feel this is the right thing to do and I am going to follow up on it while I still have the strength. You need to do what you think is right for you, Only you know yourself better than anyone else. Go for it, I am. My prayers will be with you.I really have a good feeling about this. Best Wishes Deb

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