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Lump that doesn't show on ultrasound

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Hi everyone, I had an Er/Pr neg. 2cm lump removed followed by AC and 33 rads 1 and a half years ago. I am feeling a lump in my right breast that my family doc can't feel, the ultrasound doesn't show and the mammogram doesn't show either. My surgeon does feel it, but also feels more than one lump. I also can feel more than one lump. Don't all lumps show up on these tests? What kind of lump wouldn't show up. The lumps I feel are at least as big a s a pea, maybe. Would an MRI show more than ultrsound or the mammogram? I have an apptment with my Oncologists on this matter next week, but thought maybe someone out there has had some experiance with this. Like the previous qustion, I am scared to bits of a recurrance. Thanks to all in advance for any advice or help. God Bless you all, Amelia

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My lump never showed on mammograms or ultrasound, so the radiologist and gynecologist concurred that it would be safe to just monitor. They were wrong. At the time, I felt that if two MDs were telling me it was safe to just monitor, then I ought to be happy about it. A little voice in the back of my head said that if they were wrong, I could end up paying for it with my life. Continue to seek clarification of exactly what it happening until you are satisfied that you can live with the consequences of your choice.

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I'm going through somewhat of the same thing as you are right now. I am 15 months out from surgery and 9 months out from the end of chemo. A 1 cm lump was discovered in my reduced left breast (the noncancerous breast) about 2 months ago. It was thought by all my doctors to be either fat necrosis or scarring developed post surgery as a result of my breast reduction procedure performed in June of this year. It does not appear on any of the imaging tests I have had done in the last 4 months - MRI, Mammogram and Ultrasound - nor did my pathology report of tissue taken in June turn up any positive result for micrological disease - but it definitely can be felt. Because it has not resolved itself, I am having an incisive biopsy performed on it tomorrow at my breast surgeon's recommendation. I'll let you know how it turns out. I should also add that my original tumor (3 CM) appeared on both ultrasound and my mammogram.

God Bless you, as well.

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I would probably ask for another type of imaging--MRI or PET.

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Hi Amelia,
I am one year out from chemo and will be one year out from rads this on 12/30. I had a 1.6 cm which did not show up mammo (like many of us here). I do not know if it would have showed on ultrasound because the surgeon didn't even biopsy it he just wanted it out. The funny thing is...he didn't even think it was cancer, it did not have the "typical" finding of cancer but a fibronoma (spelling). This past February I felt a small lump in the other breast and the surgeon could not even feel it, but sent me for an ultrasound anyway. The ultrasound didn't find one it found TWO...so I had them both biopsied. They came back negative but are still on "watch" When I went for my 3 month ultrasound they could not tell if there were changes, so at that point they said I could be having biopsy's every month because of the way my breast look and felt and since the cancer they can't rule anything out so I had and MRI, which came back negative.
I guess the jist of what I am saying here is an MRI should be used if you have family history or history yourself of breast cancer. There have been many study's showing that used in this fashion along with mammo and ultrasound is most beneficial for us, particually if you have an ongoing concern when a ANY lump is involved.
Hope this helps some.

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Hi Amelia:

I just wanted to post a follow-up to my last post on this subject. My bopsy was benign - the 1 CM mass removed was fat necrosis. Remember, at least 80% of all breast lumps turn out to be benign.

I wish you the best of luck regarding the resolution of your issue. Let us know how you do with your follow-up - Donna

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DJ-is that Donna Jean? Thanks to you and all who replied! After having seen 3 docters, none of them felt that this is cancer. But I have a list of reason's that leave me with the only choice I can make and that is to have it ,or them, taken out. I see the surgeon again in a week and make the appt from there. I would bet if it was thier boob, they wouldn't wait that extra week. I will post with my results. Thanks again and God Bless each and every one, Amelia P.S. Donna, that is my real name also, Donna Marie to be exact. We'll hope I have the same results as you also!!!

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