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I'm back!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm back from Amish Country!!! Spent a ton of money. LOL. Spent as much on my husband as I did myself. hehehehehe. I am really tired, but it's a good tired. I shopped from 9am until 8am last night. Can you imagine that?????? My cathether bled each day, even today after I came home. It bleeds for about an hour and then quits, so while I was gone, I just waited it out. I was determined not to let it spoil my time or my daughters. I don't know why I bleed all the time unless it is the infection. The hospital said I had a bad one when I went last time. I'm taking antibiotics. Have been since May. They said until the cathether is out that I'll have infections and the urologist doesn't seem worried. So....I hope everything is ok. Oh, yeah. My surgeon suggested that I see my chemo doctor to make sure that I don't need any additional chemo. I asked, Why now???? and he said I had been to sick up until now to even think about it. He says he doesn't think I will need it, but he wants me to make sure. I'll let you all know what happens. I'm glad to be back. Missed you all.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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hi judy,
sounds like you had a great time,i;m happy for you and your family. i find shopping relaxing and i am a guy he he. now you need to find out about your bleeding problem. did you take some pics to share with us???
all the best

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Hi Judy, Iam glad you had a nice time. The little trip did wonders I bet. I hope things get better with the cath. Livin

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Welcome back, Judy - we missed you, too. Did you have some shoo-fly pie?

Hey, I grew up around Cleveland - where in Ohio did you go - over by Lima?

- SB

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Ok Judy--my turn now--he he--Jen n I are off on our motorsickle for a 4 day camping w/end. Hoping to get a little r n r too. Great to hear yu had a good time. Sometimes metinks there is a lotta advantage in being able to enjoy some quality time--just gotta help the healing process.
luv n huggs kanga n Jen

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Hi Judy,

So glad you finally had some fun. You certainly deserved it. Hope all goes well with your health.

Take care.


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Hi Judy,
Good for you, sounds like a well deserved break; I'm glad for you that all went well. Hope that your onc has good news and that the urine problem clears up.
the other Judy

Anonymous user (not verified)

Welcome back Judy and so very glad to hear that you had a great time. You sound in such good spirits so this time away with your daughter must have worked wonders. Plan on more such weekends...even with friends or hubby. It helps so much.


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am so glad you had a good time..i was praying for you and your family.. you deserved some fun!!! peace..ramona41

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