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I'm not much of a poster but I do read posts alot. I am on a modified FOLFOX treatment where I get avastin, oxal, luecovorin and 5FU. I have gone through 5 treatments already with some good results with minimal side effects. My CEA level has gone from 115 to 22 and the latest blood test says that my liver is functioning normally.
But my period has gotten wacky. In previous months I was a week late and then a week early. This month I am two weeks late and I think it has stopped altogether. I am feeling rather PMSsy all the time and I can't stand it!
Has this happened to others and how do I deal with it?

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    I didn't have the same problem... but wanted to tell you that:
    1.) cancer and chemo are such stressors to the body - that alone can change menses
    2.) I'm not sure (I personally had premature menopause after radiation) but the chemo very well could be damaging your ovaries and affecting what hormones are flowing through your body. In addition, when you get your period, it is because the uterus has built a liner that must be "cleaned out". You body may not be able to build the uterine lining because of sick ovaries, or sick bone marrow.

    Hang tough. The last thing we need during all the changes of chemo is menopause. One thing that helped me with the hot flushes and other symptoms are SSRI pills (antidepressants - but it helped me.)

    Good luck. jana
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    Hi Joyce,

    Like Jana, I had early and instant menopause as a result of radiation (for rectal cancer). I have heard of chemo resulting in hormonal changes and even menopause, although not specifically for colorectal cancer. I think this is worth checking out with your medical team.

    I ended up going on HRT for a while. I know this is a controversial topic these days -- it is one I researched carefully and discussed extensively. I'm glad I did - it's working out well for me.

    I am sending best wishes your way.
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    I am on the same Folfox treatments with Avastin as you are. I am now in my 6th month and just turned 50 (a leo, not a virgo). I had a hysterectomy in 96, but kept my ovaries. The chemo seems to have forced me into menopause and I am cruising thru it. I am the first of the sisters to go thru it even though I am the youngest.

    The nite sweats get to me less frequent now and the mood swings have really calmed down. I used one of those over the counter tests first, then confirmed it with my regular Dr.
    I am not real big on taking every little pill the doctors throw at me (the drug companies are already getting rich enough off of me), so I studied up on supplements and have found Ginko really helps me with the anxiety stuff.

    Good luck to you and try the pee pee test (it's like the pregnancy tests), if you think you are having some menopause symptoms.

    Lisa P.